Six quick takezzzzzzzz

1. We finally got back to watching Doctor Who tonight. We had to stop a few months back, because I was too tired and couldn’t stay awake for a whole episode, much less pay attention. We just watched “The Angels Take Manhattan,” and well, damn.

2. Eliza is doing this thing, I think it’s a toddler power struggle thing, but it is making evenings rough. She is picking at her dinner, asking to get down from her chair, choosing not to eat, and then at bedtime, FUh-reaking OUT, begging for milk and food. It is super fun. She is flipping out even if she has eaten a semi-reasonable amount. From the way it plays out, I feel pretty secure that it is a power thing, normal two year old shenanigans, but damn if it doesn’t get me right in the guilt complex when she starts fussing for milk. Thankfully I’ve been reminded by my dear husband and some lovely friends that my well fed, middle class American child is not going to starve after opting out of dinner for a night or two. So I just hope it passes quickly.

3. We now have a food truck near work, and I had pho for lunch. This is HUGE. Our town has a serious dearth of restaurants, and the only decent pho I’ve had around here has been at my friend’s house, or in my own kitchen after she taught me to make it. And I do NOT have time for that nonsense right now.

4. We are out of chocolate cake, Halloween candy, and frozen cookie dough. I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I mean, I’d just buy/make more, but I’m trying to quit. I suppose I’ll look forward to thanksgiving pies and Christmas cookies.

5. How long do real Christmas trees last? (Let me google that for you.) (shut up. Just tell me.) we are deciding whether to get a real one, as we have been, or if it won’t last from December 1st till the 25th ish. We’d like to put the tree up after Tday, while Kev’s parents are here, and have it last till Xmas (when my parents will be here.) Fake and pre-lit doesn’t sound half bad to me right now.

6. I’m about to get smoked by narcolepsy so this is all you get. That’ll teach me to go on a lunch date with my husband instead of drafting a blog post.

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14 Responses to Six quick takezzzzzzzz

  1. peacelovemath says:

    It’ll last all of December, no problem! As long as you keep it watered. Last year we got a Concolor Fir (sp?), and it barely even shed any needles.

  2. HereWeGoAJen says:

    Part of the reason I have a fake (prelit) tree is because I keep it up between the day after Thanksgiving and January 6. I always want a real tree though because they are so pretty and smell so good.

    I haaaaate toddler power struggles.

  3. Nimble says:

    A real tree can last a month if it is fairly recently cut and as along as you keep it watered. If you have a cooler spot in the house that helps a lot, right in front of the heater vents is worst. Make sure and have the trunk trimmed at least a little when you buy it so it will suck up water better.
    I believe in yearly tree sacrifice to the dark of the year.

  4. Michelle says:

    We always get out live Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving and it last until Christmas (as long as we are good about watering it). But it is toast right after Christmas. We usually cut ours down, which may or may not help.

    As for the toddler power struggle – yes, I’m guessing that is what is happening. Our version of it (with both girls) was, they’d ask for something, we’d give it to them, then they’d flop on the floor screaming about the very thing they asked for. AND THEN when we’d take it back, they’d cry that they wanted it. Rinse and repeat. Toddlers are magical.

  5. april says:

    I adore my fake, pre-lit tree. Love it.

    And I really need to keep reminding my husband of the they-aren’t-going-to-starve thing. Nightly.

  6. Holly Ritger says:

    Susie, buy the tree as soon as it hits the tree lot and get it in a bucket of water. I like to put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving and keep it till New years Day. Only once or twice have we lost lots of needles and it happened when we did not buy as fresh a tree.

  7. Carmen says:

    As others have said, it will indeed last that long. We put up a real tree every year on Dec 1 and take it down Jan 1 or 2. If you keep it watered it will be fine. (We have sometimes been gone from Dec 22-Dec 30 and in those cases we get a lot of needle dropping when we start undecorating, but the tree itself looks fine until then.) Of course, we go to a U-Cut place and cut the tree down ourselves, so we know it’s fresh. If there is some way to ensure that you’re getting a tree that wasn’t cut 2 weeks ago, then you’ll be fine!

    My dad always told me to saw a bit off the trunk and then immediately put it in water. (Did you learn the technical reasons for this in a vascular plant course like I did? The xylem transport system gets clogged so you have to cut off the clogged bit so that water can be taken up again.)

    But you may have your nice smelling tree and it will be fine for the month of Dec. I swear!

  8. Megan says:

    The only time my family ever had a real tree, my brother and sister had drippy noses the entire month of December. Also, perhaps my parents didn’t secure it properly (likely) so we would come home and the entire thing would be sideways in the living room with needles and ornaments all over the living room. My grandpa eventually bolted and roped it to the wall. It was really festive. I have a feeling your cats will really enjoy the live tree. The thing I like about the fake one is (aside from the uniformity and the easy factor) is that you can bend the branches to help hold your heavy ornaments and such. It’s so easy.

  9. Erica says:

    Neither of my children have eaten more than two bites of dinner for at least a week and no one has keeled over yet.

  10. K says:

    We got a real tree when Ezra was 1.5ish and it was a hot mess by December 26. I was finding pine needles for six, seven months afterwards. AND! It was poke-y and kind of sharp to the touch as it was drying out. Dick tree.

    We have a fake one now.

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