Monday miscellany

We are mainlining Doctor Who right now so that we can watch the 50th anniversary special before Kevin’s parents get here on Wednesday. We’ve been watching two episodes a day for a bit, which, compared to the zero (0) television I’ve been watching since approximately when Hazel was born, well, WHOA.

Hazel has been sleeping pretty well for a week and a half, and I feel AMAAAAAZING. My brain is working! The fog has lifted for the first time in a month! I’ve been getting a lot done at work. I’ve been able to watch a little TV. I’ve (gasp!) stayed up later than both my kids! Ok, only by half an hour or so, but it does WONDERS for my headspace.

Hazel will get booted into our bathroom for the next week though, and then she’ll bounce back and forth every couple weeks when people visit, and then we go to LA, and then and then and then. So I’m sure that’ll disrupt the already nonlinear progression of infant sleep, but I’m hoping she can roll with it. I’m excited to do all the stuff and see all the people but I’m a little nervous about the impact it will have on Hazel and my sleep.

When we used to drag Eliza all over creation, she did reasonably well, but even when it hit the fan, the burden was spread more evenly over Kevin and me. Now it’s mostly on me – not because Kevin doesn’t want to help, but he just can’t very easily. We stopped working on Hazel accepting bottles from him at some point because it worked better for me to feed her, so now he hasn’t tried in months. Especially now that I’m working full time, it’s challenging to find a good time for him to even try to give her a bottle. No big deal, honestly, except that there isn’t a whole lot he can do for her at night right now. It’s certainly worth it, to see our friends and families, to go on adventures, but it costs me a good bit more this time. I suppose it ends up costing Kevin as well, after a rough night, as he ends up on Eliza duty while I stare blankly into the distance, holding Hazel. Ahhh, parenthood!

Anyways, I didn’t mean to go off about that, I just meant to say: oh, it’s so nice to be well rested! I’m sure it will come and go over the next year, but it’s nice to taste sanity after a few months without. Just knowing it’s there waiting for me is helpful.

Also helpful: good TV shows that I get to discuss with my buddies. Same with good books. Having brain power left over at the end of the day is so refreshing!

She had an OK night, but still finagled some parental bed real estate this morning. Good thing she’s cute.

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2 Responses to Monday miscellany

  1. K says:

    I love that little Hazelnut.

    And sleep? Sleep is NO JOKE. The absence OR the abundance of it.

  2. Erica says:

    Uri can’t help much with Ethan either… He’s a momma’s boy. I hear you.

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