Now that THAT’s over with…. Christmas Movies

Eliza is right on the cusp of “getting” Christmas this year – I think she definitely¬†could, if we introduce and reinforce the concepts, but right now she has no clue about any of it. We also haven’t exactly landed on our holiday approach – I mean, which traditions we will try to have in place for our little family, versus what we grew up with, etc. I feel like we need to have that reasonably well figured out by next year, but that this year we still have a pass. This year, she’ll get it a little bit, the parts we make a big deal out of, but the whole anticipation and understanding and so forth will still be beyond her.

OK, there is a huge rabbit hole I can go down here, about which traditions we want to stick with, what we believe in, all of that, but I have a point here and that isn’t it.

I am excited about showing Eliza Christmassy movies, and reading her Christmassy books. There are tons of both, of course, and to help narrow down what I’d like to show her, I figure we can use them to reinforce the Christmas stuff we’re hoping she can understand this year: that Santa is going to come one night and bring some presents. That he flies around in a sleigh drawn by reindeer. Magic. That part.

I know, I KNOW that is just the materialist entitled privileged part. We will build on that, I swear! I will add in charity and maybe tell her about some religious stuff (we aren’t religious really, but that is obviously a huge thing for a lot of people) and add in holiday cheer and I swear, we will do all of that. (I am feeling a wee bit defensive about this, apparently? I got into some coffee earlier, I’m betting that’s why.) BUT this year we are just doing a little dose of Christmas magic.

SO HERE IS MY QUESTION: Can you recommend any Christmas movies (cartoons, preferably) or little kid books that focus on that part? The magic? Santa? That would be good for the toddler set. I have How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Frosty the Snowman, and I’m working on getting the claymation Rudolph movie (which, by the way, go read this, it is my favorite thing on the internet), but I’m wondering if there is a PERFECT movie or show for this purpose. Because my kid LOVES MOVIES OMG (cartoon ones at least).

And here is another question, for people who don’t care about that, or to make up for my little temper tantrum a few paragraphs ago: What are your favorite holiday/winter movies?

I personally have a major thing for Bing Crosby movies – The Bells of St. Mary’s, White Christmas, Holiday Inn. Except not the part where they do black face, omg. Also every year, as the holidays ramp up and Bing Crosby music reasserts itself in my daily life, I look him up on wikipedia and am devastated anew to learn that he was perhaps kind of a jackhole in real life. One should not be allowed to have twinkly eyes and a delightful affect if one is also a douchebag.

Also, I love It’s a Wonderful Life, and The Snowman. Walking in the Air is the song I think of when I think of Christmas.

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10 Responses to Now that THAT’s over with…. Christmas Movies

  1. Swistle says:

    I like to watch Love Actually each year, but that is not exactly Eliza-aged.

    • snoozical says:

      Last year I got a bee in my bonnet about watching this, and tried to find it on any of the magic streaming options – Netflix, Amazon – for rent or for purchase, and NO. I had to go to the VIDEO STORE like it was 1997 or some crap. I’M STILL MAD.

  2. Swistle says:

    Oh! I accessed the part of my brain where I stored what we did when we had littler kids, and this is what: we recorded a bunch of holiday specials from the TV shows they usually watched. And a couple of channels (PBS, I think, and Nick Jr.) had an evening where they showed a lot of them all in a row. So we had, like, a Holiday Blue’s Clues and then a Holiday Maisy and then a Holiday PB&J Otter and a Holiday Little Bill and a Holiday Arthur and so forth, all in a bunch on one tape (VHS BABY). We even recorded the holiday episodes of kid shows we didn’t usually watch, and some of those ended up being favorites.

    One thing that was great about this was the VARIETY. Another thing that was great is that each segment was rather short, which was good for kids who weren’t quite old enough to sit through a whole movie plot—but we COULD watch a whole bunch in a row, if Mommy was feeling like Mommy couldn’t take one more minute of bickering.

  3. HereWeGoAJen says:

    What Swistle said. We still have the Little Einsteins and Octonauts Christmas specials stored on the DVR from last year. I kind of feel like this may be just a wee bit too old for Eliza but Elizabeth (okay, it’s mostly me) loves the Eloise at Christmastime movie. We also have the Angelina Ballerina Christmas book. Okay, hang on, I’ll put this baby to sleep and tell you all the good Christmas books we have downstairs.

  4. april says:

    I agree with Swistle and Jenn, and would add Polar Express. There’s also a “original christmas classics” box set on Amazon that we got last year which has Frosty, Frosty returns, Rudolph and Santa is Coming to Town. So all short movies for the two-ish age.

  5. Erica says:

    Elf…Charlie Brown Christmas.

  6. K says:

    You didn’t really ask for this opinion of mine, but there are not enough words for how much I dislike Charlie Brown. UGH. Whiney loser.

    And the black face in “Holiday Inn.” I get very shifty in my seat and fast forward it, if I can.

    Movies I DO like? You’ve Got Mail and Love, Actually and Elf and The Family Stone.

  7. peacelovemath says:

    My in-laws showed my 22m kid Frosty the Snowman last weekend, and she’s officially obsessed. It’s the first time I’ve seen her just plain watch tv, and for the full 45 minutes of it!

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