Hazel, five and six months


Stats from 6 mo Well Visit:
16 lbs 2 oz (52%)
26″ (58%)

Hazel’s 4 month regression lasted about a month, resolving in fits and spurts in November. She is fairly predictable now. She nurses pretty steadily from 7 pm until she goes down, between 8 and 9, usually. Once she is sleepy, Kevin swaddles her, I nurse her once more, and down she goes, completely asleep.
On a great night (infrequent but occasional), she sleeps through till I wake up.
On a good night (most nights, lately), she wakes once, between 2 and 5 am, and goes back to sleep until a) I wake her again to nurse before I leave for work, or b) 8ish.
On a bad night (once a week ish), she wakes two or three times. What makes it bad, though, is that she wakes up before midnight. I get desperate and wild eyed, assuming I will never be well rested again in my entire life, and that the rest of that particular night will be spent getting up as soon as I fall asleep, even though that hasn’t happened in months.
I am much, much better at handling a 4:30 am wake up time, which means I can’t go back to sleep before I need to get up for work, than I am at a single 11 pm wake up. Even if the latter might mean more continuous hours of sleep, I just can’t handle it.

I do think she doesn’t NEED to eat in the middle of the night, usually, but just has trouble self soothing back to sleep. She isn’t howling or anything when she wakes up, just yipping a little bit – enough to wake me, and keep me awake, but not in any kind of urgent way. I know that I can nurse her back to sleep and that’s the fastest route to ME getting back to sleep. I think once I’m feeling generally better rested, we might sleep train, but this is working fine for now. Also, I nurse her down every night in the first place, and eventually we’ll try to move that last feeding away from bed time, but not yet. It works well, but I do spend most of my time in the evenings nursing her on and off, can’t do too much else.

With Eliza, we abandoned the swaddle just after 5 months, because she was able to turn over pretty easily. Hazel seemed like maybe she was going to be done with it a month ago – she was breaking out of it every night, and I wouldn’t re-swaddle when I nursed her back down, and that was fine. Then she had kind of a rough week sleep wise, and stopped breaking out of it completely. She hasn’t shown any interest in rolling over, so we’re sticking with it for now. We still use an Aden + Anais blanket to swaddle her, and it’s sort of hilarious because she is so big. I’m curious to see if we eventually stop because she gets too big, or what. Not worried though, which is a nice change – I was so concerned about how we would kick the habit with Eliza!

Hazel is sitting up for basically as long as she wants now, only falling over when she tries too hard to get something – and usually ending up on her stomach when she does. She scoots around a little, but not in the direction she wants – usually the opposite, or in a circle. But she is starting to push up into crawling position. I can see the wheels turning. I imagine it will still take a month or three for her to figure it out, based on how it went with Eliza – I remember feeling like mobility was IMMINENT, but it ended up being awhile. I am enjoying the stationary phase quite a lot – there has been a distinct shift, in the past few weeks, to where I can put her on the floor to play for longer stretches. I feel like I have reclaimed myself a bit, between that and her improving night time sleep. I have a tiny bit of free time! Anything is possible! If anything takes 15 randomly available minutes!




Tummy time is fun for a few minutes, anyway.

She also just started making a bunch more sounds, and blowing raspberries. She has no interest in rolling over, not even a little bit, but she’s strong and coordinated so we aren’t concerned.

Between me working full time, and her getting more efficient, Hazel has gone from nursing an average of 3-4 hours per day down to 2 or so (still 3-4 on the weekends, down from 4-5+). Girlfriend likes to eat. I should probably cut her off when she is half asleep nursing, but we still suck at getting her to nap, so sometimes that’s all she gets.

She’d been super grabby and keenly interested in food since about four months, but solids sounded like a pain in the ass, so we held off feeding her any until just shy of six months. Kevin’s parents were visiting, so I gave her a giant peeled carrot to play with, and she was So! Excited! Since then, I’ve given her roasted carrots, peas, green beans, black beans, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and who knows what else. She gets SUPER PISSED if we eat without her, and so far has voraciously hoovered up anything we’ve given her. She’s quite good at it too – chewing, no spitting anything out, no WTF faces when she tries new foods. I’m hoping to avoid purees this time because I’m lazy, but she did end up incredibly constipated and we had to apply prunes and miralax. That’s what happened with Eliza, too – seems like it might just be a thing? I thought maybe we’d avoid it if we only gave her veggies, but evidently not.

Still has it, based on a) me forgetting her meds a few times here and there and her resulting fussiness/puke, and b) the increasing spit up as she has gotten bigger and we haven’t changed her dose. She barfed on the pediatrician a couple times and he suggested we try increasing the prevacid. Heh.

Eliza is starting to interact with Hazel more, unprompted, and that part is AWESOME. Just this week, she has been walking up to Hazel and engaging her more – not just taking a toy away and going about her business, but starting to play. Spontaneously giving her a kiss, or brushing her nonexistant hair, or pretending to feed her. Hazel LOVES it. I think Eliza is finally starting to notice the giant smiles and belly laughs she gets when she pays attention to her sister. Very cute, with the added bonus of giving Kevin and me a break!


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4 Responses to Hazel, five and six months

  1. Erica says:

    Lost another comment to the void. Suck it, Feedly.
    So I love having you out in front of me because I can see my future in a month or two. I have many of the same habits… Nursing to sleep, swaddling with the AA blankets, I even feed Ethan in the night when he’s not really crying because it’s the fastest way back to sleep for everyone.

  2. HereWeGoAJen says:

    I tore a twin sized sheet in half to continue swaddling giant Elizabeth. I was desperate.

    I love the sibling interaction. It’s the best.

  3. K says:

    I rather like that she ralphed on the pediatrician.

    Message received, Hazelnut!

  4. Your girls are beautiful. That last photo made my heart swell to at least five times its normal size.

    The raspberries slay me. What goes on inside their heads that says, “make this sound” and what does it mean to them? Anything besides “fun sound, fun feeling on my mouth, fun sprinkle of spit on my face”? So fun to watch their brains work things out.

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