Bears go to Denver

The ladies and I tagged along with Kevin on a business trip to Denver last week, viewing it as a lovely excuse to hang out with Jess and family. Last time we went, Hazel was three months old and Eliza was just shy of two. Hazel slept as well as she normally did, and Eliza woke up one of the days – FOR GOOD – at 2:17 am.

This time, Eliza did great – we brought her OK to Wake clock, which was, I think, a very good move – she totally loves that thing. “Clock turn green? Play? Go upstairs? Green came on! Play!” Hazel, on the other hand, went in for a full on sleep regression, starting the night before we left. She went from sleeping through the entire preceding week to waking up HOURLY, and sometimes more. Was bananas.

Over the course of the week, though, she cut her first two teeth, and learned to say/wave hi, clap her hands, and give kisses. So basically ready for college. Also she is so, so close to crawling and pushing into sitting. Things are about to start moving real fast over here.

I was totally in denial about the saying hi thing, even after Jess got this seriously convincing video, but she has kept doing it pretty consistently.

Despite the sleep deprivation, I managed to have a good week – I got to squeeze Annika AND Reagan, watch Callum and Eliza play together, and shoot the shit with Jess all day (and Liz, some of the days). Can’t argue with that.

Also, while Hazel probably would have slept at least marginally better at home, and I would have been at work every day till 5:00 rather than wrangling both kiddos mostly myself, I don’t think I would have handled the sleep deprivation as gracefully. I seem to parent a little better with an audience. I was able to stay pretty patient and chill with the kiddos all week, which is not my strong suit. When I’m tired, I usually turn into an impatient screamer, but I mostly just rolled with it. When we got home on Saturday afternoon, even though the ladies weren’t being any more challenging than they had been all week, I was DONE. I immediately got snappy and short and yelly and, oh, I hate that.

I mean, it’s sort of understandable – I was getting like five 45 minute chunks of sleep each night, assuming I could pass out immediately. But I hate, hate, hate it when I am impatient. It makes everything worse – it throws off the kids, so they get needier, which makes me screamier, and eventually everyone is crying and wishing for a new day.

But! I guess Jess is my antidote. Jess, please move into my living room.

Anyway, Hazel has been sleeping better the past couple of nights – undoubtedly traveling wasn’t helping her sleep regression nonsense – and I am feeling much better rested. I AM concerned about upcoming trips with Hazel though, because good heavens that was rough.

Some Eliza tidbits from recent days:
1. She just learned to (sort of) play hide and seek. She will count to 10, or just to 3 when she gets too excited, and then come find you, giggling hysterically the whole time. We played this with Callum too, and it was so fun. You can’t hide very well, and sometimes you have to give her hints, but it’s pretty funny. Also, hiding in 10 seconds is kind of hard.

2. Marie said on twitter ( the other day that two year olds love to put shit in shit and carry their shit around, and well, truer words, my friends. Eliza loves to carry her little backpack, or zipper bags filled with magnetic letters, or maybe some dinosaurs. She is forever filling up bowls or bags with her toys, and then emptying them into other receptacles, and then carrying them around. It’s hilarious.

3. She is also super into pretending lately, and I love it. She has squatter’s rights on a cabinet and few drawers in the kitchen, and the cabinet does quadruple duty as an oven, a shower, a bedroom and I don’t know what else. She cooks pretend food in there, she puts Pooh Bear to bed, she makes her Ariel lego take a shower. She goes in the cabinet and plays knock knock. Very busy.

4. She loves cartoons. Mostly Disney movies – Pooh was the first one that she latched onto, and that remains a favorite, followed closely by Cinderella. We have tried other movies, and none have come close to these two. She doesn’t like anything live action (except football/sports), and isn’t really into Pixar style animation either. I bet she would also love Snow White and Sleeping Beauty – the older Disney stuff. Her favorite part of Cinderella is the cat/mouse parts.

Then she went face first down the slide. Twice.

Bath time!

Coordinating babies
Color coded.
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3 Responses to Bears go to Denver

  1. Aliza says:

    I’m sorry to tell you that Hazel is indeed saying “hi.” Damn, your kids are cute.

  2. Miranda says:


  3. Oh goodness your kids are adorable!!! And that video!!!!

    My baby just cut her first teeth last week so I fully empathize with the sleeplessness. Ack.

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