publish or perish!

I’ve been in grad school for 4 years, this August.  During that time, I switched degrees, switched labs (after getting a clipboard hurled at my face!  for reals!), almost dropped out twice, got sort of excited about the new research I fell into, coasted, achieved, impressed, fell asleep in small classes, acted like I knew everything, realized I knew nothing, and so forth (this sentence could go on for quite some time).  I have had one foot out the door, back up plans in hand for much of this time.  But, I got my ideal job offer, and now I’m actually trying to finish this silly degree.

I just put my first paper (i.e. one THIRD of my dissertation) through internal review at work.  That means I can submit it to a scientific journal, and that my committee can’t say squat when they read it in my dissertation. Suck it, committee!

But, obvs, I have two thirds left – and about three months to get my shit together.  Considering this paper I just finished took, oh, a YEAR to get done (mainly because one of my major professors is super slow), I’m a little worried.

….and so I started a blog.  Nothing like procrastinating, right?

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