Seven Quick Takes

1. Our cat, Alfalfa, scared the crap out of us yesterday. He is and indoor/outdoor cat, and usually begs (loudly) to go in and out, in and out all the live long day. Yesterday morning, Kevin came down and said he had just realized that he hadn’t seen him in a while. It’s amazing how the absence of something, even something that’s kind of BIG, can be hard to notice at first. While I assumed the worst, Kevin sprang into action – took a spin around the neighborhood, got his microchip info, called the nearby vets, started working on a lost cat sign. But we had no good pictures of him, which was sort of a crushing realization. Long story slightly shorter, he waltzed up to the door mid-morning, as if nothing were amiss. Gah, cat!

2. I settled on my February goals: 50 push ups and crunches per day, reduce frivolous shopping category by 25%, bring lunch to work four days per week. The push ups took me like an hour this morning. I do them in pathetic sets of three or so. Super interested to see if they get easier by the end of the month – I have hated push ups my entire life, even when I was super athletic and climbing all the time and had big strong muscles. Which I do not have now.

3. I’m trying to feed Hazel less often when I am with her all day. Kevin worked from home yesterday and was telling me it’s a totally different ball game when I’m not here. She barely cries at all, naps relatively easily for our nanny. Less easily for Kevin, but still decent. With me it’s mild fussing every hour or more often to eat, and I’m lucky if I can get her to do more than snooze for 20 minutes at the end of a nursing session, on me. So this morning, I fed her when she woke up, and then waited a full three hours before feeding her again – she had some actual food in between, and we did some errands so she was more distracted. And now? SHE IS NAPPING. UPSTAIRS. For FORTY minutes, so far. I’m sure some of y’all are like “well duh you idiot” but this had honestly not occurred to me.

4. I am dabbling in Catholicism. That’s all I’m ready to say about that.

5. I registered for my annual professional conference yesterday. I was thinking I was going to skip it for the first time in like seven years – I’m not presenting anything this year, and I felt (feel) guilty leaving Kevin to deal with both kiddos when I don’t strictly HAVE to. Especially considering Kevin still can’t give Hazel a bottle, and she nurses to sleep at night. But Kevin convinced me that it would be ok and that I should go. It might be rough, but they will survive. I know no one’s going to die or anything, but I still feel pretty guilty. Whatever, I am gonna sleep so hard.

6. I am reading The Interestings, and wow, that is sort of a bold title choice considering how not terribly interesting it is so far. I’m supposed to be re-reading this year, but I have a pile of new to me books on my Kindle: Life After Life, The Goldfinch, The Bloodletter’s Daughter, Timebound, The Snow Child, Sushi for Beginners. And one of the first re-reads I wanted to do was The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, which I have only ever “read” myself on a bit of a technicality – it was an audiobook we always listened to on road trips as a kid. I could use some more free time for all of this, please.

7. Ok she woke up – 50 minutes. That’s still kind of amazing. I’ll take it.

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3 Responses to Seven Quick Takes

  1. Steph says:

    Enjoy your time away! :)

  2. Miranda says:

    I never finished reading The Interestings before it was due back to the library. I do want to finish it so I went to check it out again (I’m using the libraries ereader book lending app) and I’m first on the wait list. Good luck with that, person who currently has it checked out.

  3. Robin says:

    I hope #5 is SOT! Assuming it is… I’d like to invoke privilege to be trivia teammates again should the opportunity present itself at BMSS. Especially if we can reform our San Antonio squad.

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