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So, I kind of forgot about my SGNFP giveaway, and then when I remembered, I realized I didn’t make the giveaway very clear in the post, and I’m not 100% sure everyone who commented actually WANTED the book, so maybe I’m learning I should be more deliberate when I do such things. WHATEVER, I pressed onward, and Random.org did me the favor of choosing an unambiguous entrant: …. (drumroll)… Life of a Doctor’s Wife! Hooray!

Hazel took a bottle from Kevin one day last week with no issues. He came home a little early, and our nanny was about to feed her, but told Kevin to give it a try – he hasn’t tried in a few months because of logistical issues and our disinclination to beating our heads against brick walls – anyway, she drank it happily. When he told me, my immediate response was “Suck it sucker! I’m going to sleep SO MUCH.”

(In reality, I will still feed her at night because it’s a lot faster than warming up a bottle to her exacting specifications, not to mention less likely to waste milk (she rejected formula last we tried, but we’ll try again). But at least having the option? SO NICE.)

(Also obviously this is super helpful with my anxiety/guilt about going out of town without her, and leaving Kevin to suffer. Now I am not nearly as concerned.)

Eliza uses “big big” in place of “very.” So, she goes “big big fast” instead of very fast, and says cake is “big big delicious,” or that she is “big big tired.”

Hazel started crawling last Monday. She’s not efficient yet, but she is moving, and in the direction she wants to go. She celebrated by crawling over to the air vent in the living room and playing with it for an hour.

We had a gorgeous snowy weekend here. Just perfect. The snow came a few inches a night Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and was very dry – not good for snowmen or snow balls, but wonderful for sledding, and not too bad for driving, even for this Georgian. We ended up with 4 – 8 inches by Sunday, and took the ladies out to play on a little hill at the park. Eliza was being ever so two while we were getting ready – it took a full hour to get her dressed, as she kept screaming and laying on the floor like a limp noodle. We were thisclose to not going out at all, but eventually she got it together. We went with our close friends here who have a daughter about six months older than Eliza. It was so, so fun – they had a great time sledding, and so did the grown ups.






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3 Responses to Random AWESOME Tidbits

  1. Miranda says:


  2. Elsha says:

    “big big” is just adorable! Also, your kids are too cute.

  3. HereWeGoAJen says:

    Tell Eliza that she is big big adorable.

    Crawling is one of my favorite stages because they can entertain themselves for a while. It’s great.

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