Day in the Life

OK, I’m way behind on this, but I enjoyed everyone else’s day in the life post over the past couple weeks. Here’s my Monday.

6:00 – I hear Hazel starting to wake up, so I bolt out of bed and into the shower, in hopes I can get through my routine before she wakes up enough to realize she is starving.

6:10 – I’m showered and dressed, and Hazel is still just doing her “mildly irritated” squawk, so I blow dry my hair and slap on some make up (uh… concealer. Maybe mascara, but probably not). I honestly only manage this (pathetic) level of primping every other day lately, on the mornings I shower, but I’m hoping as Hazel actually sleeps more (and more consistently), I can work on looking less like a hobo.

6:20 – grab Hazel and head downstairs. Usually I have to nurse her immediately, but today she is chill enough that I can sit her down for five minutes while I make myself a smoothie for breakfast. (Jess got me addicted to smoothies while I was in Denver. My normal breakfast is a make ahead sausage casserole or sausage biscuit balls – that’s literally been my breakfast for 95% of the days in the last two years – and I am so damn tired of it. Smoothies won’t work for long, though, because I honestly don’t have 5-10 minutes to spend on prepping food in the mornings.)

6:30 – settle in on the couch to nurse Miss Nut, drink my smoothie, and dick around on my phone. I catch up on texts and twitter and email, and stare lovingly at my squishy baby.

6:50 – Kevin is up, so I take Hazel upstairs with me and let her play in my closet while we chat and I brush my teeth, find my shoes, etc. After a minute or two, Hazel bonks her head on the door frame, so I take her back to the safety of the living room.

7:00 – get my work stuff together – frozen meatloaf for lunch, my cooler and pumping accouterments, my purse, jacket, badge. Sit back down and try to get Hazel to nurse a little more before I head out.

7:15 – Kevin comes downstairs with Eliza. She has an Ok to Wake clock set for 7:15, and she is excitedly jabbering about how the green came on and now it’s time to play, and Salsa (how she says our nanny’s name) will be here soon. Eliza grabs her Valentine’s day bee and runs laps around the house with it, stopping to show Pooh Bear this and that.

Creepy/awesome Valentine’s Day bee.

7:25 – Alyssa (our wonderful nanny) arrives. Her mom gave her a ride today, much to Eliza’s delight – her mom is an OT who works with the school system, and she knows tons of fun games and brings crafts over and it’s always great fun for E. She helped E make the valentine’s bee, in fact, and then took it to school and laminated it so Eliza could pretend to feed it and love it and hug it without its wee antennae falling off.

7:30 – Kevin and I head to work. We work at the same lab, but in different buildings. We carpool most days, which is the best. A) I have my very own chauffeur. B) we get to hang out, sans kidlets, for almost an hour most days. Granted I often dick around on my phone or stare dazedly out the window, but sometimes we chit chat too.

7:55 – I am at my desk. I’ve got a bunch of meetings in the morning today, and I have to fit in three pumping breaks between them. The meetings are fun, though, because they are for cool projects with all my favorite coworkers. Just the right blend of getting stuff done and bullshitting. Between meetings, I work on revisions for a journal article and an intro/specific aims page for a nascent grant, meet with my student about some experimental work he’s doing and end up talking about enzyme kinetics for awhile.

9:55 – I run over to my husband’s building for another meeting, and before it starts I trade him the $20 bill in my wallet for four quarters so I can get a diet coke. Some people might call this a bad trade, but I’m pretty pleased with it.

11:30 – pump/lunch/internet break, followed by more work work work. Science!

16:20 – Kevin IMs me to see if I’m ready to head out.

16:45 – we get home and I start prepping dinner. Enchiladas – we have salsa verde left over from last week, so I just have to make the black bean filling and assemble everything. I get the filling going while Kevin plays with the ladies, i.e., distracts Hazel from flipping out because the buffet got home.

17:00 – I sit down to nurse Hazel. Kevin keeps playing with Eliza and stirring stuff intermittently.

17:15 – I finish assembling dinner and shove it in the oven. Kevin and I tag team the kiddos and keeping an eye on dinner and intermittently playing on the internet, each doing useful and useless things in several minute stretches. I spend a good fifteen minutes with Eliza in the bathroom while she works on unlocking some potty training achievements (unsuccessful. sigh.).

18:00 – Dinner time! We are on top of it this week, meal plan and shopping done on Sunday, so we all get to eat together. Hazel happily mows down on everything we put in front of her, while Eliza barters for more rice by taking begrudging bites of enchilada. Yeah, we bribe her with carbs, what of it.


18:30 – After dinner, Kevin and I are once again tag teaming. I gather dishes and load the easy ones into the dishwasher while he plays with kids. Then I play with kids and he washes some stuff. Then I dick around a bit and he gets Eliza’s PJs on and teeth brushed. Then I play with kids and he washes dishes.

This seems like a good time to bring up this ridiculous article about how egalitarian marriages apparently suffer from a lack of sex, and then this rebuttal about reasons that’s ridiculous.

19:00 – I get Hazel into her jams, then make her laugh so Kevin can sneak her medicine (she hates her Prevacid so we have to trick her), and then settle onto to the couch to nurse her to sleep. Kevin reads Eliza one last book and then takes her up to bed with Pooh bear and Ducky. She gives Hazel and me a kiss before she heads up, and then Kevin sings her a couple of songs, tucks her in, and heads back down stairs.

19:15 – Hazel has decided sleep is terrible, so I plunk her on the floor in favor of a brown and some chocolate ice cream. She is super tired but doesn’t want to sleep, so nurses and plays intermittently over the next half hour. Finally Kevin takes her for a little walk around the house until she gives in to sleepiness, and then he sticks her in her swaddle sack thinger and I settle in to nurse her some more.

20:15 – Hazel finally passes out and Kevin takes her upstairs, and then we settle in with some Olympics. And I play on my phone. I’m having a passionate and interesting discussion about parenting techniques with some friends on iMessage, and stay up later than I mean to. And also totally forget to do my push ups, for the first time this month. BOO. The discussion was worth it, though.

21:30 – bed time! Brush teeth, pop a unisom (I’m afraid to wean myself off these until Hazel is sleeping through more consistently – without them, I have more trouble falling asleep because I lay there listening for her), kick the cat out of my spot on our bed, and curl up with my book for about five minutes before I realize I’m reading the same sentence over and over. Lights out, see ya tomorrow.

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4 Responses to Day in the Life

  1. Kim says:

    So, can we get the enchiladas recipe? I’m looking for a good one :)

  2. Elsha says:

    Ohhh, I want to know what parenting things you were discussing! Also, yes, I’ll totally lay awake for an hour or more listening for a baby. I’m always SURE as soon as I fall asleep baby will be awake.

  3. Megan says:

    I’m jealous of your morning commute.

    Also, jerky advice here. You can preassemble smoothies and freeze them in bags, tupperware, whatever, and then dump them into the blender in the morning. I do this, and yes, I totally freeze kale. However, last time I blended up two large bunches of kale, added a little water and froze them in ice cube trays so I have some ready whenever.

  4. HereWeGoAJen says:

    I really like reading these. I shall try to motivate myself to write one someday.

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