Seven Quick Takes: kids, birthday, vacation, cake.

Today is my Friday, so how about some quick takes, i.e. the only nonsense I can muster.

1. Hazelnut update: Hazel is 11 months old as of yesterday, which is completely bananas. She continues to be very cute, mostly sweet, and to suck at sleeping. (No but seriously, she gets up 2-4 times a night. What the hell. We’ve tried all the things, and I think she is just like that.) She’s still nursing, and I guess we’ll just keep on keeping on with that. She got back into uncontrollable dancing after a bit of a break. She seems to be a bit of a climber, much more adept at scaling furniture than her sister was. (We tried to teach Eliza how to climb up on the couch using a stool. She finally sort of figured it out when she was… 20ish months old?) She busts it into high gear when we catch her doing something she shouldn’t – heading towards the stairs or the cat food or away from the diaper changing station. And she shakes her head no as she crawls off into the sunset, because she KNOWS. It’s hilarious. Still not walking without a hand on the furniture, though she loves this nonsense:

2. That right there is compliments of stomach bug induced cabin fever. Eliza was patient zero a couple weeks back, and then we all fell, even Bertie. Even our nanny’s MOM. Thankfully, it wasn’t nearly as bad as back in September, AND I discovered that domperidone is a pretty effective anti-emetic. (No shit sherlock, they are marketed under the name “vomistop.”)

3. Sadly, a good buddy from our frisbee days came to visit and also got sick. I warned her ahead of time of the possibility, but she decided to risk it, and I love her for it. She didn’t get TOO sick, I think, and we still managed to have a good visit. It was a lot more low key than intended – we mostly watched disney movies and moseyed to the park, instead of camping or hiking or wine tasting. I guess taking the kids camping might actually have been worse than a stomach bug, tough to say. Hopefully she won’t be too scared to come back some day.

4. Eliza update: is starting to act more three than two. Fighting any and all opportunities for sleep, feeling out the depths of her own stubbornness, normal toddler things. But also: becoming increasingly able to articulate her thoughts, which is awesome and hilarious. She hates direct sunlight, so we just bought her like eight pairs of sunglasses and I keep telling her that she’ll have to make it work until she’s 18, and then she can move to Seattle I guess. She’s been hanging out with her buddy Lucy a lot lately, and gives so many spontaneous hugs and it’s just adorable. She talks about hanging out with Lucy all the time – “then it’ll be yater and I go to Yucy’s house!” I’ve been getting a good bit of one on one time with E, because of swim lessons, and it’s starting to reduce the all Daddy all the time thing. She sometimes lets me participate in bedtime! Very exciting. (Also, when Kevin is out of town, as he currently is, Eliza lets me deal with bedtime and everything else without too much fuss, for which I am thankful.) She’s very particular about certain things, and I love the way she asserts herself. “No no no no! I don’t YIKE that!” with her little hand extended in the universal sign for STOP. And then a little head tilt eye squint nod action, “Mommy do THIS, yeah, yittle bit.” Anyway, she is great, and so much harder to sum up than she once was. She’s Eliza.

5. I am waiting for some very important phone calls, and it has basically reduced me to my high school self, pining after a boy, staring at a phone, willing it to ring with all of my being. COME ON PHONE.

6. Hazel and I are going on an adventure tomorrow, so at least that’ll force me to stop staring at my phone. We are going to Atlanta for a quick trip – I’ll be hanging out with my pile of best friends for a couple of days, and then my family for a day. It’s going to be super fast and busy, and I’m bummed I won’t be able to see more of my Atlanta folks, but I’m SO EXCITED about seeing my best buddies. And also spending my 30th birthday with them. I am seriously overcome with emotion when I think about how lucky I am to have these women, and I am bummed that other people don’t have such a lovely support system, and oh. Just the best. ALSO the best: getting to see my family for my birthday! Not the best: ditching Kevin and Eliza.

7. HOWEVER. Kevin just asked me which day I would like my birthday cake, so score one for honest and open communication/passive aggressive blog posts! Just kidding, we discussed it like mature/whiny adults. Who cares though, because CAKE. 30 is gonna be juuuust fine.

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2 Responses to Seven Quick Takes: kids, birthday, vacation, cake.

  1. Miranda says:

    Come ON phone! And have all the fun in Atlanta! And YAY for cake!!

  2. HereWeGoAJen says:

    Ryan is like that too. Just up in the night. For no reason. Just all “hey guys!”

    Happy birthday!

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