Seven Quick Takes: Moving Right Along

1. Thanks for all the love and support on my last post, for me and for the women who shared their stories in the comments. The UCSB shootings and ensuing discussions really hit me. I think the discussions coming out of this are big and important and I hope they aren’t just a blip. I’ve read a lot of really great posts, old and new, on the subject of misogyny and rape culture in the past few days, if this is a subject you want to read more about. Some of these posts are angry, but so am I, and I think you should be too.

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Alice Bradley / Finslippy: On Being an Object, and then Not Being an Object

2. Moving right along to less fraught subjects, Eliza got her first hair cut yesterday. Just a little trim, you can barely tell, but she was starting to look kind of like a hobo when it wasn’t brushed. (She’s 2, so that means most of the time.) Both Kevin and I have been getting our hair cut by the same lovely woman basically since we moved here, so it felt right that she should cut Eliza’s hair too. Her name is Anna, pronounced as in Frozen, and we are pretty sure Eliza thinks she is ACTUALLY Anna. She kept asking where Elsa was, while sitting still quite happily as a stranger played with her hair.

Just a trim.
Just a trim.

3. We are moving to the Bay Area sometime in the next few weeks. We’ve both officially accepted our new jobs, and officially given notice at our current ones. Kevin’s last day is next Friday, and mine is probably the week after. Kevin’s new job starts immediately – he’ll be working remotely – and mine will start July 7th. As for what happens in between, it is still largely a mystery. We will be getting relocated by my new company, but haven’t been contacted by the moving folks yet. We can’t start the house selling process ourselves – have to go through the company. So it’s mostly hurry up and wait – things are going to be totally nuts soon, but not YET.

4. The one thing we CAN do right now is try to find a place to live when we first get to the Bay, and I think we have that wrapped up. Normally, new company puts people up in corporate temp housing for a few months, but our family is too big – there are only a small handful of three bedroom places, which aren’t even available right now, but even if they were- we need four. (Have I mentioned our nanny is coming with us?) So we will rent something ourselves and get reimbursed for a couple of months. Miranda went and checked out a house for us this past weekend and we spoke with the owners last night to finalize things. So with that, we are good for at least a year. We are hoping that will give us time to figure out where we might like to live more permanently, if not the area we land in initially. It’s also possible the owners will make their east coast jaunt permanent, so we’ll see how it all pans out.

5. I am REALLY excited about new house. It sounds like it’s in a great part of the peninsula for young families. It’s walking distance to parks and a downtown area, farmer’s market, restaurants, public transit, all kinds of stuff. It’s a gorgeous house, with an in law suite – perfect for our nanny to live in while we all figure out our new lives, or for family or friends to stay in when our nanny finds more fun people to live with. The school district sounds pretty great, and one of the owners has worked in the school system for a decade, and has tons of useful inside information. The house comes with biweekly cleaners and yard maintenance, oh and also a hot tub. So, things that I would never (or at least, have never) prioritized for us, but would love to test drive. Also, apparently the next door neighbors on BOTH sides have girls the same age as Eliza, and on one side, the same age as Hazel. And more young kids through out the neighborhood. Also, In-N-Out is half a mile away, which is like the perfect “welcome to CA” metaphor for my stomach.

6. If you can’t tell, we are way more excited than we are nervous or apprehensive about this move. Excited about our jobs, our new home and surrounding environs, and also – excited about some of the friends we will be near (though obviously also sad to be leaving our friends here). We actually have a jam packed 4th of July weekend already, and I feel like that is just the beginning. Not being worried about starting a social network from scratch is SUCH a big difference from when we moved to Central WA. It took a good six months for the fog to even begin to lift, here, and for us to feel like we weren’t completely isolated and lonely. I really don’t foresee that happening at all, this time around. (I’d find some wood to knock on, but at least Miranda is so totally stuck with me that I’m not worried.)

7. Rachael introduced me to Duolingo¬†yesterday, and OMG I can take Spanish quizzes on the internet?? This is AWESOME. I love taking tests. I am completely addicted. Let me know if you need me to say anything in Spanish, like “My horse eats a sandwich.” Also, apparently you can be friends on Duolingo and COMPETE so, you know, I’m snoozical. Hit me up.

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4 Responses to Seven Quick Takes: Moving Right Along

  1. Miranda says:

    Right. “Stuck with” you.

  2. Betsy says:

    Wait, your nanny is moving with you?!? How did you swing that? Bravo!

  3. Holly says:

    Whoa… I can’t believe you guys found a house already, with the help of Miranda. Definitely good things happen with the help of social networks! The house sounds great and I can’t wait to see it.

  4. Alexa says:

    I LOVE the Bay Area. I have often said that if it weren’t for the fact that it is going to drop off into the sea I would move there myself. And it sounds like your particular situation is going to be particularly dreamy. I am so excited for you!

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