Today is the last day of Two.

Two has been the best rollercoaster I’ve ever ridden. Silly, sweet, adorable. Brave, tough, stubborn. So, so busy.

Current favorite things: purple, Lilo & Stitch, bunk beds, duplos and blocks, Go Dog Go, sunglasses, Lily, Hayley, Damien, the moon and stars, Alyssa and Junie, cooking imaginary food, swings, Daddy.

Current worst things ever: cleaning up toys, finite bedtime songs, manners, time out, our never ending quest to make her poop on the potty.

Two still loves Pooh Bear, but it’s that comfortable kind of love where you aren’t attached at the hip. Two looks for her sister first thing every morning, and eats fluffy eggs for breakfast most days. Two can skip her naps if there is something fun scheduled. Two can climb into her car seat all by herself, so definitely don’t help her. Two can sit in a regular chair, and use a regular fork and a regular cup (but will still make a giant mess). Two has a very specific bedtime routine, and Two will lose her damn mind if you skip anything. Two will give you a kiss out of nowhere, and tell you she loves you no matter what.

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I’m going to miss Two, but I can’t wait to see what Three will do.

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