quickly, because my dissertation is eating my face:

Sectionals got moved from Nashville to Atlanta to Chattanooga over the course of 36 hours, and then we played nearly all the games before getting totally rained out, so all my frisbee friends got to come the wedding.  Except the one who had to stay behind to help clean up after the terrible flooding at his parents’ home.  Atlanta was out of control last weekend!

Husband got a job on Friday (about an hour before the rehearsal dinner – great timing!), the job I was hoping he would get (computational support for research at the same company I am going to).

Then we bought a house*.

Then we successfully got married, and it was freakin awesome, and I made my husband take out the trash last night (suck it sucker!)

It was a big weekend.  I am totally blissed out.  And now I have work to do…

*still in the process I suppose, inspection is on Wednesday, but offer is accepted and papers are being signed and sent back and forth across the country.  Fingers remain in the crossed position, as we learn about mortgages and escrow and closing dates and home inspections and so forth.

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2 Responses to married!

  1. Jess says:

    Yay! This is all so awesome and makes me glad that I found your blog (through your comment on Sundry’s post about flu vaccines, FYI, because I totally agreed with what you said and so clicked over). I’m glad you got to play frisbee and have your friends attend your wedding. And I want to see photos of the wedding, please! And also photos of the house! All so exciting! Congrats!

  2. Susie says:

    Ahhh I’m glad you agree about the vaccines… I was hoping that didn’t come off as bitchy. I’m trained to understand that sort of stuff (toxicologist…), but a lot of people aren’t ready to have a civil conversation about it. Pictures of all sorts of things will be up eventually :)

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