Can’t be bothered with paragraphs; dissertation is due in 2 weeks (wahhh!):

– Car is fixed.  Mechanics did something or other, possibly involving magic and duct tape (kidding!), and I will have it back this week or next (you know, whenever I have time to drive 3 hours away).  Part of me wishes I could have a shiny new car, but mostly I’ll be glad to have this one back.

– We got life insurance this morning.  It was really interesting and I’d like to talk about it more someday soon.  I am more inclined to talk about financial stuff on here than I would have guessed.

– I got really excited about decorating our new house last week, which is obviously what I should be focusing on right now.  Paint!  Furniture!  What style do we want?  I have never decorated before, as I have always lived in college houses with other people.  We mostly just keep all our crap in our room and it’s um…  really, it’s just messy.

– It’s raining here again.  A few weeks ago, before ATL flooded, I went running in the rain and the whole 4 miles I was thinking about how it might be the last time I get to run in the rain, because I’m moving to a desert, and oh it’s so lovely and let’s be nostalgic.  Now I would really just like them to turn off the damn faucet so I can stop feeling like a drowned rat, nostalgia be damned.

Ok, that’s all.  Boring/busy etc.  Back to panicking.

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  1. Jess says:

    So glad the car is fixed! A tiny part of me was sad that our car wasn’t totaled because it would have been nice to get a new (to us) one. But then I thought about the expense (check from insurance would not have left much over after car loan was paid off, would have needed more expensive and/or crappier car as insurance undervalued ours, would have had to restart three-year loan, etc.) and I was glad that we get ours back. Today, apparently.

    Please do talk more about the life insurance thing. I want to hear all about it. God knows when we’ll get around to getting it set up for Torsten.

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