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I’m moving to the Pacific Northwest in a matter of months.  Right now, because I have so much to accomplish between today and that fuzzy future time in January when we move, it seems surreal and far off.  There are a few things I know I will miss already, besides the obvious (friends and family)… number one on that list?

RainWhat?  Doesn’t it rain all the damn time in Washington? Nope, not where we are going.  There is a mythical land east of the cascades that is actually a desert, believe it or not.  A beautiful desert, with beautiful rivers and so forth, but only 6 – 8 inches of precip per year.  PER YEAR.  We get that in a rough week, here, sometimes.  I love thunderstorms, I love the way the air feels charged right before, and smells green and alive afterwards.  I love how sometimes the rain lets you deal with emotions you might not have otherwise.  I love the forced captivity, and I love when you rebel and run around and get drenched.  Palpable joy, y’all.

Today has been a dreary, lovely, thunderstormy kind of day.  Just what I needed.

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