Let’s just ignore that hiatus, eh?  Yeah, I think that’s best.  I do love skipping the hard parts.


Ok, ok – I made friends, I play frisbee, I’m busy, things are good.  Things are really good.  I can go days without GA memories.  The memories, and the whole, well – it’s like getting punched, when I think about it.  About the lovely humans I don’t get to talk to everyday, the people whose lives I’m not a daily part of.  But on some level, I’ve been so surprised and so lucky to see how the distance doesn’t matter as much as I thought it would.  When I see my old friends, when I talk to them – it just doesn’t matter.

Ok enough of that sugar for now…

Let’s just do a high/low, eh?

High: figuring out some calculus.  I still got it!

Low: drinking 3 cups of coffee absent-mindedly, and subsequently feeling on the verge of passing out all day.  WwwooooowoOoOO.  Dizzy.

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One Response to resurrection

  1. Jess says:

    Ugh, moving away from a circle of friends is always so hard. Sounds like you’re adjusting pretty well, though. Glad your friends are still there for you despite the distance. And, I hope you’ll keep blogging!

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