7 takes of varying length

1.  I just turned 28 a few weeks back. I almost forgot my birthday – like, had to be reminded of it several times in the weeks leading up. Kind of unlike me, but life has been busy. Kevin planned a very small low country boil with our in-town besties, and I think two in a row means that’s now a tradition. I will never argue with a tradition involving sausage, or eating food directly off the table with my fingers.

2.  Kevin also asked me, several days before my bday, all nonchalantly, what I thought about getting an iPad to replace his shitty shitty laptop. This thing is a piece – it blue screens regularly, the cursor jumps all over the place unbidden, making it damn near impossible to type without developing homicidal rage, it’s hot and stupid and Eliza eats the cord. So, naturally, I got REALLY EXCITED about an iPad. And then he didn’t get one. I asked him a few weeks later what that was all about, and he was like, oh I just wanted to know what you thought about it. Apparently he had NO IDEA that asking me about a shiny beautiful Apple product days before my birthday was kind of a HUGE TEASE.  Gah!  He said he is working on something else for me, but um it’s June tomorrow so I think I’ll stop holding my breath.  Also I realize this is quite a contrast to the “forgetting my birthday” thing but bite me, this is my blog.

3.  ALSO relating to my (apparently not remotely forgotten) birthday, I decided that it is high time I start to dress like a grown up.  Maybe it’s the recent kid-having or who knows what, but things are a little… haggard and unwashed up in here.  Since I’m a scientist, judged 90% by my brains and productivity, and 10% by my ability to chop up animals, it doesn’t actually matter what I wear to work. We have no dress code, save for closed toed shoes in the lab. But, I’m feeling kind of frumpy wearing the same jeans and glorified t-shirts everyday, with my hair inevitably ending up in a pony tail.  In the original spirit of this blog, as a tracker of my monthly resolutions, I resolved to work on being a grown up lady, who wears matching clothes, different hair styles, and (gasp!) make up.  So far I am hitting like 50% on coordinated outfits, 75% on hair, and 90% on make up.  It’s a start. I am hindered by my lack of style and inability to use eyeliner, but I am making baby steps.  I’m considering May a warm up, and in June I’m hoping to be a bit more dedicated to the goal of not looking like crap.  I need to get some new shoes, but am 90% lost in that regard… I wear flip flops almost every day, it’s not good.  Ugh.

4.  It is high frisbee season, and we have tournaments every or every other weekend through July. Great for staying in shape, bad for keeping the house clean.  I’m trying to go to practice/pick-up at least once a week, too, but it’s hard – when I go, I don’t get to eat dinner until 8:30 pm at the earliest, and everything crumbles if I’m not asleep by 9:30. Add in a shower and I end up needing a time turner.  Or, more realistically, to actually TAKE my narcolepsy medicine everyday, which I do not like to do. I don’t like the idea of becoming reliant on a daily  medication this early in my life, but … oh well?  Exercise is important, right?

5.  I have recently developed an allergy or sensitivity to EGG WHITES.  I have considered jumping off a cliff as a solution, but Kevin talked me out of it.  Basically, back at the end of March, I started feeling super ultra nauseated for many hours of every day, usually in the morning. Brainiac that I am, I eventually deduced that it was food related. I started looking into elimination diets and decided that would be hard, so I made a giant vat of chicken pho to drown my sorrows.  When you make pho, because of the enormous volume, you end up eating that and only that for many days in a row so that it doesn’t go bad. I stopped eating breakfast because I was scared to, and ate pho for a week, and then returned to my customary habits.  When I ate my plain old scrambled eggs that morning, I immediately turned green, laid down, and puked my brains out.  Eggs are not the best, in reverse, FYI.  Anyways, since then I have further learned that it is egg whites specifically that I have issues with (so, thank GOD, I can still eat creme brulee) – even in baked goods and cooked foods.  SO, goodbye cake, and pancakes, and BREAD omfg, and PASTA and all of the good carby things.  Also goodbye to my standard breakfast (eggs, sausage, cheese) and the most sensible pathway to the paleo diet I’ve been dancing around for a few years (MANY, MANY EGGS).

6.  Also recently, I have started actually INTERACTING with the people whose blogs I have been reading for years. One day I woke up and decided it was kind of weird that I had been reading for like 5+ years in some cases and hadn’t actually TALKED to these people. Because I don’t comment regularly, or blog regularly myself, because I can’t at work and I don’t actually compute much at home.  I DO twitter, though.  So… I just started saying hey. Turns out these people are actual nice humans who respond!  Who knew.  So far, since I started interacting, I have learned many useful things, about babies and clothes and food and even some science.  

7.  I finished the Graceling trilogy recently and CANNOT find a new book to get into. That is always the problem with good books, for me: once I finish, nothing else is worth it for a good while.  I would go as far as to say I get mildly depressed after finishing a good book – all I want to do is read, and I keep trying new books, but none of them make me happy, so I turn into a grumpy anti-social DELIGHT.  On the bright side, playing with Goodreads helps a bit, both in finding new books AND in distracting me from my woe.

Hat tip to Adele for the 7 quick takes format, and I apologize for my failures to adhere to the ‘quick’ part.

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