Eliza is 7.5 ish month old, and I am slow.

Seven months, hoo boy. We are getting some personality up in here. Eliza can crawl pretty fast now, and has started pulling up to standing on the furniture.  Her balance is shit, but I’m sure that’ll change in a matter of weeks.  Apparently my nephew also learned to crawl and pull to standing in the same week, right at 7 months, but took another seven months to start legitimately walking.  The thing that makes me think she’ll walk early is that she tries to stand up in the middle of the floor, holding objects. Like, hey, I think I can do this, so I’mma just keep trying until gravity quits winning. Also, I’m taking this ball with me.

She continues to make hilarious noises and faces – snorting, babbling, giggling like a tiny crazy person.  Everything is especially hilarious at night, barreling towards a crescendo of hysterical laugh-crying that signals bedtime was 15 minutes ago.  She is doing great with her floor bed – remember this, self.  It is way, WAY easier to plunk her down and pick her up from a mattress on the floor than to lift her in and out of a crib.  My back is much happier.  Also, it’s adorable, and the room seems a lot bigger, and it’s a lot easier to change the sheets.  Check back once she eventually tips over the diaper pail.
She has her two bottom teeth pretty much set now, and it’s adorable. You can see her top two coming down, which is frankly kind of creepy.  I’m sure they will start to cut right when we head to Ohio next week for Poultry Days.  Probably the second we get on the plane.  But no, the first two came with minimal fan fare – occasional squawking but really no big deal.  Far less of an ordeal than when we forget to feed her the right amount of green veggies, oh my dear.
She shakes her head ‘no’ all the time, but doesn’t seem to know what it means yet… soon.  We should be signing in earnest, but are still having trouble remembering sometimes.  Hopefully she cottons on, I can’t wait until she can really communicate with us.  Everytime she copies me, it blows my mind – this tiny little person and I are talking!  Kind of.  Hush, don’t disabuse me of my fantasies.
We have gone camping twice, the last two weekends. First to Wenatchee for a frisbee tournament, and Eliza’s first ever camping trip.  Then last weekend our first trip to Rainier for the year, to camp at Ohanapecosh.  Both were just Saturday night, and the overnight lows were in the 40s – we were pretty worried about how that would go, but it was GREAT. E thought setting up the tent was about the most hilarious thing in the world, like why are we all on the floor? Why are there blankets everywhere? Is this real life?  And then she slept for 11 hours straight. So, I guess we are moving into a tent, is what I’m saying.  We will tempt fate by camping in Ohio for a three night excursion, complete with airplanes.  If we survive that, we win at parenting.  (Right?  Right?)
IMG_2808 IMG_2799
No really, this is the easiest baby ever, she is such a delight.  We have basically stopped watching TV, as rolling around on the floor with her is the most fun thing ever.  Even though her favorite activities, by a long shot, are hitting us with her wooden hammer and pulling out our hair.  I’ll allow it, on account of how ridiculously adorable she is when she laughs.
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