Here we go!

Ok, I’ve been terrible.  There are just so many things – blog, pictures, facebook, LIFE.  I know I want a record of some kind, though, not just having to check dates on photos and videos, so hopefully we can make this work.

Eliza is nearly 7 months old.  Part of the distraction from 6 months was that, what with her being sick half the month, not much had changed beyond the calendar.  Apparently Miss Bear was saving up, because the past few days have been an EXPLOSION.  

Eliza has learned to sit up unassisted (right around 6 months).  She eats a variety of foods now – we started with avocado, which wreaked gastrointestinal havoc, and therefore started a variety of purees in hopes of fixing her issues.  I had originally hoped to do baby led weaning – no purees at all – but now, I realize it’s pretty fun and a short period of time (this is a lesson I keep learning – nothing is permanent).  Right, so she could sit, she ate, and she began pushing onto hands and knees and rocking right around 6 months as well, but wouldn’t move her hands.  She stayed put that way for a few weeks, until this past weekend.

Sunday, she started crawling for real.  Lifted her hands a few times and was off to the races.  She is a bit clumsy, and has since discovered that a mix of crawling and rollings is faster (albeit more circuitous).  Yesterday (Tuesday) she pushed into sitting and pulled to standing on a book, of all things.  Kevin is 100% delighted, while I am 95% delighted and 5% terrified (slash considering pushing her over). 

She has also begun cutting her two bottom front teeth on Sunday, with relatively little fanfare – a bit more squawking than usual, but still quite calm about the whole ordeal.  

And, she started babbling – consonant sounds that sound very much as if she is talking.  Dadada, Bababa, and a bunch of adorable mumbling.

Less important developmentally, but totally hilarious: she started snorting like an angry badger when she gets excited.  It is my favorite thing ever.  

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