Eliza at 4 months

Miss Bear’s repertoire of tricks now includes blowing raspberries, grabbing toys and getting them into her mouth, and playing with her feet.  This month Eliza has started giggling, though goodness knows what she thinks is funny.  We spend a lot of time making asses of ourselves trying to get her to giggle, usually to no avail, and then she’ll bust out laughing at something unexpected (like the snot sucker, hoo boy!).  She can prop-sit unassisted for a while, leaning forward with her hands on the ground, but she’ll fall over if she tries to grab anything.  She wants to stand up all the time still, and loves to be in her bouncer.  Her hand-eye coordination and motor skills improve visibly every day, which is really cool to watch.  She is still remarkably laid back – if she is crying, 99% of the time it’s because she is hungry or tired, and it only lasts a moment.  We’ve had a minor sleep regression the last week or so (right on cue – 4 months is a big growth and developmental spurt!), so she’s been waking once in the night for a snack.  Funny how painful that’s been for me and Kevin – the newborn days are apparently a distant memory!  

E has gone snowshoeing twice, hiked Badger Mountain once, and has gone to frisbee many times this month. She has been pretty agreeable for most of our adventures, tolerating long car rides fairly well (sleeping mostly, and occasionally requiring a buddy in the backseat) and kind of hit or miss with hiking/snowshoeing.  Sometimes she just doesn’t want to be in the carrier, other times she passes out or quietly looks around.   We are still resisting putting her on any sort of schedule – she sleeps and eats whenever and wherever the mood strikes her – so that we can continue going on adventures.  This is working well for us for now, probably just because she is so laid back, but we’ll take it!  

Stats at 4 months:
Weight: 13.94 lbs (58%)
Length:  24.5” (60%)
Head Circumference: 16.5” (75%)
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