Eliza at Three Months

Oh y’all, she is just the best.  This month has been filled with more smiles by the day.  Eliza gets so busy smiling and sticking her tongue out that she forgets to sleep.  She is looking around at everything, no longer content to stare back at us when we hold her on our laps.  She is so strong – she will stand up on your lap if you hold her hands, do squats, up and down and wiggle.    We busted out the bouncy swing this month, and now sometimes when she is fussy, it’s because she wants to be upright, bouncing, standing.  She also sits in her knock off bumbo chair while we eat dinner, just watching us and looking around.  She’s babbling up a storm, coos and goos and sometimes multi-syllabic nonsense.  She is still sleeping great, occasionally waking at night but usually sleeping from 9 pm to 7 am or later.  She wakes up just like Kevin – slowly, lots of stretching, resisting the day, making adorable squished up faces against the light.  But as soon as her eyes open and she sees us, it’s all smiles.  And she smiles with her whole body – it starts on her face, big round cheeks and lit up eyes, and then wiggles all the way down to her kicky feet.  Kills me, every time.  

She is reaching for toys, holding on to things – when we put Sophie the Giraffe (favored toy of babies everywhere), you can see her concentrating intensely on grabbing her, and the surprise when she gets Sophie and elicits a squeak is pretty awesome.  She loves other people and especially other babies – she grins ear to ear when we are with Lucy (8 months) or Paige (~2 yrs), but didn’t know what to make of Vaughn (1 week).  She is also just starting to blow raspberries, and it is CUTE.
Eliza slept through Christmas, but has been enjoying her gifts – Sophie, books, toys, and some adorable clothes.  Other exciting highlights were the trip to L.A. for a frisbee tournament last weekend.  Eliza did great on the trip – barely any fussing on the plane, she mostly slept and smiled through the flight.  Once we arrived at our friends’ house, she was so excited she wouldn’t sleep at all.  No naps during the afternoon, and she was up every hour the first night we were there, either grinning or fussing from being over tired, or both.  The next day at the beach, she conked out a good bit and was much more laid back (and sleepy!) for the rest of the trip.  We were able to spend all day Saturday and Sunday at the beach playing frisbee, taking turns holding her, and go out to dinner both nights.  We didn’t end the weekend very well rested, but we had a blast and were really impressed with how flexible E was about the weekend.  Hopefully she stays flexible, because we have lots of fun and traveling coming up this year!
Stats at 3 months (on our home scale, with our own measuring tape):
Weight: 12.6 lbs (57%)
Length:  yeah nevermind.
Head Circumference:  wait for the doc next month, y’all.
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