One Month

At one month old, Eliza is the coolest baby ever.  It feels like she’s always been here, and also like no time at all has passed since she was born.  We already miss how teeny tiny she was at first, and how she was all curled up in a ball all the time.  I spent a lot of time this month with her nestled on my chest, all curled up and snoozing, rather than catching shut eye myself – and I think it was a good call.  

We got a ton of comments about how laid back and easy Eliza was, how lucky we are – and while that still may be true, she definitely has her share of fussy hours in the evening now.  Doesn’t want to be put down, doesn’t want to sit still.  It’s a damn good thing I married a man who is able to stay up late, because I’m ready to pass out at 8 pm and that’s just when Eliza wants to run around.  Once she is ready for bed, though, she’s been sleeping a little longer every night – sometimes 5 hours at a stretch before she needs a snack.  She seems to be super snoozy from around midnight till 10 am or so, just needing food and a diaper change a few times between those hours.  

Then it’s eyes open and time to look around!  At just a month, she can’t do too much else yet – she’s working on getting all those muscles stronger and under control, but in the mean time she likes to look around.  Bright lights and faces are some of her faves.  She does have better coordination of her hands than I expected – she’s been able to get them into her mouth fairly easily since day one.

She is getting too big for her newborn clothes, but still looks tiny when she wears 0 – 3 month.  She wears size 1 diapers now, though we are transitioning to cloth now that they are starting to fit.  Kevin surprised me by saying he prefers the cloth – though I do too.  I just figured he’d like the ease of tossing the disposables, but he thinks (and I agree) that Eliza stays a bit cleaner and less rashy with the cloth, and that they are just as easy to use.  

Stats from Eliza’s one month check up:

Weight: 9 lbs, 14 oz (63%)

Length: 21.75” (65%)

Head Circumference: 15” (67%)

Stuff we call her:  Eliza Bear, Little Bear, Bear.  Chompy Bear.  Cranky Pants.  Snarfly Bear.  Turkey (though she’s outgrowing this one, since she doesn’t hold her arms up the same way anymore).  Baby Pants.  Hungry Alligator.  Burrito. 

Stuff I want to remember:  the way she attacks a bottle when she is hungry by shaking her head back and forth and chomping at it, with her eyes all big.  All the crazy faces she makes in quick succession, even when she’s sleeping.  How cute it is when sticks her tongue out all the time.  How snuggly she is – she’ll pass out for hours on your chest.  

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