Drink a little red wine*

Weekend rundown:

  • Tiny dress, 4/5 bottle of wine (way to share, Fiance!), discussion of Honduras with Hondurans, friends I didn’t expect to see, assorted other beverages, home by midnight, why don’t I do this more often…?
  • Get up, get up!  Drive to the burbs, let’s see Harry Potter with my parents!   Why are they so befuddled by the 15+ minutes of previews… and wow, when did Mom become one of Those People, that talks too loudly during movies?  Oh dear.  Aww  yay Harry Potter, good work being delightful and adorable and … disconnected, plot-wise?  But it’s ok, because I know the books by heart.
  • Oh god we’re late late go go go, drive to Atl for the wedding shower!  Play by play of the the play by play the GPS gives on the way…  “Uh oh, arrival time is 4:34…  4:35….  4:37…  freak out panic!”
  • …. and sit around until 6.  And then make sort of awkward conversation with parents’ friends?  And then watch Fiance’s fat ass break the porch swing!  And then get eat hamburgers and hang out with friends and watch sister-in-law toddle around pregnantly.  Time to open presents while people stare at you!  Best presents:  creme brulee BLOW TORCH and haikus from roommates.  Best haiku:

he cooks the pork loin

she eats the pork loin upstairs

he cleans the dishes

  • Home sleeep sleeeeeep.
  • Putz around until 6, get lost on way to Marta station, meet old friends for more awkward engagement pictures.  Walk around, kiss in front of other people for prolonged periods, giggle a lot.
  • Eat cake with fingers while driving home; make enormous mess.  Giggle.


*That Was Your Mother, Paul Simon

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