On Tuesday, we had an exciting medical adventure.  I hadn’t had one in over two years, so I had been expecting something to happen.  I had pain in my lower abdomen starting on Tuesday morning that wasn’t too bad at first, and I figured it was just pressure on my organs from my giant baby.  BUT it got worse and worse and eventually I couldn’t get anything done at work, and couldn’t conceive of driving myself home, so I decided to have Kevin take me to the doctor.  There, they hooked me up to a couple of monitors to check on the baby and to see if I was having contractions – the immediate concern was premature labor or placental abruption. They watched Eliza for a while there – she was perfectly happy with a normal pulse and normal movements, even had the hiccups for awhile.  I, on the other hand, was getting worse – severe, unremitting pain in my lower abdomen.  I was having mild contractions but they weren’t regular at all.  The doctor said that my uterus was “irritable” probably because of all the pain I was in. 

After a while they sent me over to the hospital for additional monitoring and to try to narrow down what the problem was (since it didn’t seem to be anything with Eliza or her supporting cast of organs).  There I got all hooked up again – you can see in one picture of my belly the two monitors, one is to get Eliza’s heartbeat and the other keeps an eye on my uterus.  In another picture that is kind of washed out, you can see the readings from the monitors – Eliza’s pulse (123) and my uterus (30 – we weren’t totally sure what that meant, except that higher numbers generally corresponded with more pain… but it wasn’t measuring just contractions either).  They gave me some medicine to calm my uterus down, and then started doing other diagnostics on me.  Started talking about kidney stones being likely and looked at all my organs with ultrasound (normally they would do a CT scan, but not on pregnant ladies).  Eventually, probably not until like 5 pm or so, they started giving me pain meds.  Started with morphine, which did NOTHING, and then moved on to dilaudid, which finally gave some relief.  They gave me that every couple hours and gave me a LOT of IV fluids (like 4 bags) and then eventually said I could choose whether to go home or stay there. 

We decided to head home, armed to the gills with narcotics and stuff to make me sleepy.  Poor Kevin probably got barely any sleep, between my whimpering and having to get up and take medicine every 2 hours.  Things were much better in the morning, and then spiked back up again in the afternoon.  Then at dinner time, I passed a stone that was about 2 mm.  I thought about taking a picture of it but decided not to :)

I’m hoping it didn’t have any little friends, and that I can get back to work tomorrow! 

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