I got it in my head at some point that I was re-doing the closets in this house, and this became a high priority for the nursery when I found out I was pregnant.  So naturally I waited until I was 7 months pregnant to do anything about it!  The guys at Home Depot tried really hard to talk me out of it, and kept glancing at my belly and telling me I was going to have to hammer and saw and drill, like I’m a delicate flower and couldn’t do it.  Well, I did it – Made a detailed plan and took a collection of pine boards and cut, painted, installed them.  They are very solid and sturdy and they look pretty great!  Not totally perfect, some of the boards don’t have a 100% perfect fit, but it’s pretty damn good.  That’s for sure the most exciting development in the nursery, but I will put up some other pictures soon.  We have a crib and a dresser and a glider chair in there too, but they aren’t arranged properly and the walls aren’t decorated yet at all.  Getting there, though!

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