….May, and the months before it.

So, took a little break from the plan, there.  Turns out I got pregnant in February or so, and couldn’t handle the food stuff the last couple of months.  Basically if it sounded tasty at any given moment, I was going to eat it.  I do think I nearly successfully gave up butter, at least in the manner I intended – I ate it on toast when that was all I would eat, but I didn’t eat it on bread with dinner, etc.  I did NOT give up bread for April, or anything so far for May.  I’m hoping I can do something next month, but I think I need a new list of possibilities.  I’ll work on it. 

Personal goals: I did ok on TV, but didn’t keep track closely so I could be pretty off on my perceptions.  Again, the gestating thing sort of got in the way, as I spent a whole lot of time on the couch.  Also, Bones was allegedly going to expire on Netflix at the end of March so of course we had to watch them all.  But I definitely cut back on watching bullshit shows I didn’t care about.  April was re-usable bags month, which was a good one.  I did pretty well – bought 2 new bags as punishment, carried a lot of stuff without bags a few times, and once wasn’t able to talk a clerk out of giving me a plastic bag, despite my best efforts.  I actually have still been using recycled bags this month too, not all the time but usually.  Yay for making changes!

This month I was supposed to be Not Swearing Anymore!  That has been a huge bust.  I have been trying to become more aware of my words, with mixed results.  I’m going to keep working on this, so that my friends will continue to let me hang around their kids. 

Books: let’s see if I can remember: On Beauty and White Teeth, by Zadie Smith (both AWESOME).  The first book of The Boxcar Children series (which may or may not count..).  A Red Herring without Mustard (another Flavia De Luce mystery, quite delightful).  Half of Until I Find You (John Irving), which doesn’t count.  I haven’t read one this month… I blame my narcolepsy.

New recipes: I can’t remember.  This month we marinated some chicken properly for the first time… 

Adventures, partially forgotten: in March, I traveled for work and didn’t feel good. In April, we went snowshoeing at White Pass.  Awesome!  I’ll put a picture up eventually.  We also went to the alpaca show in Pasco, which was awesome!  And we went wine tasting with some friends, which is a sort-of adventure.  May: we went to a frisbee tournament, which would not previously have qualified as an adventure, but did because I’m pregnant and we didn’t think we’d get to.  May isn’t over yet, either, so we may cook something else up.

House projects…. not great.  Kevin re-finished the porch, partially.  We got a new car, but haven’t gotten rid of the broken old one.  I am growing a baby…?

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