Book(s):  A+

Never Let Me Go (Kazuo Ishiguro). 3/5.

White Teeth (Zadie Smith). 4/5.

Recipe(s):  A+

Lighter Than Air Chocolate Cake (Smitten Kitchen).  4/5.

Buon Thit Nuong – Vietnamese lemongrass BBQ pork skewers with rice noodles etc. (Carolyn).  5/5.

House Project(s): C

Updated picture collage. 

Adventure(s): A+

Mexico with R&C.  Wonderful, relaxing, warm. 

Personal Goal: A

No iPhone – success!  After the fact – definitely more aware of using it, but AM doing it still.

Nutritional Willpower: A

No candy – success!  After the fact – eating all the candy, but honestly it isn’t that tasty.  Best candy experience in Feb has been a Blizzard.  Remember that.

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