First: thanks for the input on the dress! I’m totally wearing it, and I can’t wait.  

Now, life. I am so damn BUSY, and grah, I kind of hate it. Kind of. No, I do – it’s just a little too far. I like to be medium busy.  But right now, I’m running two concurrent animal studies, both of which involve breeding mice (which is easy but time consuming), I’m very very behind on two three papers, and I’m juggling normal everyday work stuff.  The papers are the thing that I hate – I am a decent writer (we are talking scientific, peer reviewed stuff), but I am SLOW. It is like pulling teeth, or watching paint dry, or perhaps both at once.  I just take forever.  I have at least gotten to a point where I will allow my coauthors and mentors to read my drafts.  I used to be a perfectionist, wouldn’t let anyone near a draft until I felt like it was DONE.  Now, I look forward to the constructive (and usually complimentary) comments, but I’d still rather do just about ANYTHING besides write.  And yet, that is the key to my advancement.  

I have a paper I have to finish by Friday, along with a ton of dissections and several meetings and AHHHH make it stop.  I can’t even look further ahead than Friday without hyperventilating.  On the bright side, there is a HUGE frisbee tournament this weekend and I am so SO excited about it.  Eyes on the prize! 

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