Dinosaurs I have known.

I have a bit of a dinosaur obsession. Seriously, people send me pictures of dinosaurs all the time, dinosaur figurines are all over my house. Dinosaur clothes, dinosaur costumes. My kid is constantly subjected to dinosaur themed outfits and toys. So, here is a survey of my obsession.

It all began in 2007. Seems like it’s always been that way, but no: on the way to a frisbee tournament in grad school, I purchase some dinosaur figurines, because why not? Well, turns out there is a very natural configuration of t-rex and triceratops:

Boring car ride to Florida? Make friends with a plant eater.

Well, it was love at first sight. Those figurines inspired a jersey for the first co-ed frisbee team I put together:

Everyone's favorite jersey ever.

Which is possibly the thing I am most proud of creating, in my whole life. Including my kid. No, that’s a lie. Or is it? I mean, it’s a heady thing to realize, as you are creating something, that this is it: the peak of your creativity.

The naughty dinosaurs were so emblematic of Kevin and me, that they showed up on his grooms cake (albeit, not in their usual positions) and drawn on the window of our matrimonial carriage. To which my mother referred, “Look! Someone drew the butt-$%#^ing dinosaurs on the car! Hah!” and then I died.

Groom's cake = frisbees made of funfetti cake, obviously.

Since then, the jersey also begat an excellent pair of halloween costumes. We were playing on a food themed frisbee team for a halloween tournament, and all I could think of was dinosaurs. So we went as dinosaur fruit snacks.

Then we decided to have a kid. More opportunities for dinosaurs! First there was a dino-themed baby shower, the highlight of which were the inflatable dinosaurs. (There were also two dino themed cakes, and various stuffed dino presents and dino clothes.)

Needed a quick nap, and they pounced.

And, of course, myriad opportunities to clothe our kid in dino clothes, and also take pictures with awkward dinosaurs in the background.

My mother-in-law snapped this for us.

I figure we have another six to twelve months before she starts picking out her own clothes. She will inevitably hate dinosaurs, so we will force her to love them until our opinions no longer matter. Sucker!

There a lot more dinosaur things in my life, but those are the highlights.

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3 Responses to Dinosaurs I have known.

  1. herewegoajen says:

    Elizabeth is three and a half and mostly still lets me pick out her clothes. So you can dinosaur for a while yet, I hope.

  2. Erica says:

    If you fill her closet exclusively with dinosaurs, she won’t have a choice.

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