Ten months old

Eliza is ten months old today, which all of a sudden seems terribly close to a year. Or maybe I said that last month. I’m not going to go back and check, because I don’t have time to read every post about the bear, and that is inevitably what would happen. Also, these monthly posts are kind of a boring litany of documentation, primarily for me and for the grandparents. So… sorry?

We just got back from a trip to Pennsylvania for a family wedding last night. It was the Bear’s fourth flying trip, and second time going to the east coast. She did pretty good with the planes and time zones, but not as good as she did in June. She finally got to meet her cousins Hank (2.75) and Lucy (5 months), and my brother and SIL, and a bunch of extended family. It was great to see the pile of cousins rolling around on the floor of our cabin, and I can only imagine how much cooler it will be when Eliza and Lucy are developmentally closer in another year or so.

Eliza celebrated the family trip by taking some first steps, and also possibly saying some words. She started saying ‘uh oh’ last month I think, and I guess that is officially her first word (since the context was correct, and you can tell she intends to say it). This month, she has started saying ‘ball’ and ‘bye bye’… maybe. They sound very similar to each other, but it seems like she has the context and intention thing again. She says ball when she grabs a ball, pretty much every time. She says bye bye when she waves, pretty much every time. My SIL the speech therapist signed off on them as official words, so I’m going with it. It’s pretty cool – this child, that we MADE, can basically walk and talk. WHAT?

The first steps, she will take one, maybe two, before flopping onto her hands and crawling away fast. She did it straight off when we got to PA, in front of grandparents and everyone, which was really awesome. I doubt I’ll get a video of it for a few more weeks as it’s pretty inconsistent still.

The week before the PA trip, some of our friends from Georgia visited with their 11 month old, Esther. The two babies are very very close developmentally – Eliza is actually a little further along with movement, and Esther is more social. But it was the first time I’ve seen Eliza PLAY with another baby, for an extended period. So neat! They handed toys back and forth, and chased each other around, and just looked at each other and made noises. They pulled all the tupperware out, raced up the stairs, and played in the baby pool. It was really, really neat to see. I know that eventually, the small age differences (3-12 months) between Eliza and our nearby friends’ kids will fall away and matter less, but I’m feeling really impatient right now.

What else? Baby girl has five teeth, now – two on top, three on bottom. I’m ready to say Eliza’s eyes are officially turning brown, but Kevin disagrees. Her hair is getting lighter – I think it will be blonde in the sun, but turn brown eventually, like Kevin’s did (he was blonde until the end of high school, just from the sun). It’s still very short, but I think it will be straight and fine and soft, like ours. I think she will be right handed. I think she will be strong, with good balance, and terrible coordination, like me. She is starting to get whinier when she doesn’t get what she wants. She is still sleeping reasonably well, but only 9-6 or so (usually a little less). She naps twice, most days, and is still fairly tolerant of us dragging her around with no regard to her schedule or needs. She eats food, all kinds, pretty happily, but has also started throwing it on the floor for fun. Except cat food, which she eats all of, every chance she gets.

And now, pictures!









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4 Responses to Ten months old

  1. HereWeGoAJen says:

    Are you trying to kill me with that strawberry baby swimsuit?

  2. Hillary says:

    This is such a fun age. She’s adorable.

  3. Holly Ritger says:

    I love the photos! The two babies together are precious : )

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