something unstoppable set into motion*

things that are neat (and are helping me procrastinate):

picclick -  A visual search engine for ebay.  This is a lot more appealing that the basic interface!  (via

bingtweets – combines twitter trends and bing searches so you get to look at the relevant tweets and short linked descriptions thereof simultaneously.  I really like the different trend categories of this site…. Nice to leave open and come back to every once in a while just to see what’s hot.  This is what is really cool about Web 2.0 to me – a visual landscape of what people are talking about (and also how the media/marketers can influence it and set agenda!) (also

google latitude – incorporates gps info from smart phones with social networking.  I can see where my friends are, and quickly call or text them from the map.  OR I can get all Edward Cullen on them and stalk them like never before.  Granted you can control who can see your location, but I can see this being a little bit creepy in some situations or relationships.  I can also see it being super useful – if I lose my iphone while I’m running errands, I can see approximately where it is (Answer: the post office) (via bingtweets).

suck it sarah palin – VF edited her resignation speech.  Pretty funny, though I don’t agree with all the editorial choices (via bingtweets).


once upon a time there was an ocean, paul simon

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