Eleven month old baby

Eliza is eleven months old, and continues to be awesome. She’s walking confidently, and banging her head on all kinds of thing. She can say a handful of words (uh oh, ball, bye bye, bird, more, milk) that of course only make sense to us and her nanny. She mostly feeds herself, and mostly eats what we eat (minus the spicy stuff – if we give her that, she rubs it in her eyes, which ends about as well as you’d expect). She can climb up on the twin bed in her room, but her dismounts are terrible. She loves – LOVES – going down the slide at the park.

She’s getting a bit more challenging, too. She throws her food on the floor and cackles, spits her milk out and splashes it around with her fingers. She is very into my glasses lately, and it seems like she is starting to understand that grabbing them or my hair makes me angry (and of course, that’s a GOOD reason to do it more). She cries out of anger now, if you take something away or redirect or refuse to pick her up.

We are realizing we need to start making PARENTING decisions, now – decide what our approach to some behaviors are, and apply them consistently. This seems to be hard for me, especially. If she is crying for reasons that aren’t hunger, tiredness, pain, etc., our normal reaction at home is to put her in her room for independent/quiet time. This usually always works well. But if we are out and about, at frisbee or camping or someone else’s house, my inclination is to quiet the child by whatever means necessary. Sometimes I think that’s appropriate – if we are at a restaurant, I don’t want my child to negatively impact other people’s dining experience (unless we at a decidedly child friendly place), and we’ll leave if the baby is being really disruptive. But other times, at frisbee or camping especially, I need to learn to let her be, I think. So, parenting in public seems challenging (BRAND NEW INFORMATION, Susie).

Regardless of that stuff, we know she is still an incredibly easy baby, by most measures. She plays independently, she usually sleeps well, she isn’t especially fussy. Whenever we talk about having more kids, one of the first topics we land on is how we know there is no way it’ll be nearly this easy. No way.

I’m saving all of my sappy whining about how my kid is almost a year old for next month, when my kid will be a year old, omfg. But don’t worry, it is ALL happening in my brain.

Anyways, some Eliza things I’d like to remember:
– Where’s mom? Her absolutely favorite thing right now is when we take her upstairs at night. Kevin carries her, and I come up behind them, and she just giggles hysterically and throws herself back and forth in his arms, looking for me.
– When she is really upset, she throws herself backwards, arms over her head, with no regard to her personal safety. This is both hilariously dramatic and kind of terrible.
– The squealy laughing noise she makes especially when she manages to get really close to one of the cats.
– Her adorable wobbly zombie walk. It’s almost gone already, and she’s really only been walking definitively (as her first choice means of getting places) since Labor Day weekend.

And here are some pictures of my baby being cute.






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5 Responses to Eleven month old baby

  1. HereWeGoAJen says:

    Firstly, I HATE parenting in public. Hate, hate, hate. It’s enough to make me want to stay home forever.

    Secondly, man, she is cute.

  2. K says:

    I maybe want to put your baby on toast and eat her.

  3. Jesabes says:

    Paul also does that throwing himself backwards thing and it drives me crazy. He does it when he’s mad, but more often when he’s happy and in our arms, because he thinks it’s fun when we turn him upside down. Except when he does it we’re usually not prepared to hold him upside down, so he’s just launching himself backwards while we scramble like crazy to not drop him on his head. Fun times.

  4. Erica says:

    I’m glad I’m two weeks behind you on this because MY BABY IS STILL A BABY.

  5. Rhi says:

    She is exceptionally cute.

    Henry loses his mind when we take him up the stairs at night. It makes me wish we had several flights of stairs to go up. Baby laughs are the BEST.

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