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Well. Now that that is over and done with, what else is new? As you may have gathered on the last post, E was a dragon for Halloween. It was adorable, though of course she wears the costume pretty regularly. She took her giant pumpkin bucket to the next door neighbors’ houses and said nothing, because she really can’t talk yet. They gave her candy, because they are suckers (MINE). Then she greeted trick or treaters all evening, like a champ.

This weekend, our frisbee team hosted a frisbee tournament. We had 32 teams come, over 600 people, to benefit Special Olympics. It was pretty fun, and involved a lot of bagels and candy. Also, me dressed like a flapper. Kind of. (Our team’s theme was Roaring Twenties.) Frisbee (which, for those who don’t know, is kind of a cross between basketball and football and soccer) was great, I think I spent about 14 hours of the weekend running though, and now my legs hurt like whoa. It’s the last tournament of the year, though, so definitely worth it.

Ignore the laundry piles.

Lots of secret booze on this team

I’m heading to New Orleans this week, and I am So! Excited! to see people. AND I get to see my cousin, who recently had QUADRUPLETS. So I get to play with four adorable babies, AND eat beignets. Wooo!

Lastly, I did the questions Jennie wrote up for the Blathering, so here I am, being a nerd, on video. And I am still incapable of properly embedding this, apparently, so.

Sadly, I make this face 95% of the time.



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5 Responses to Tweetaleetle tweet

  1. HereWeGoAJen says:

    You make an excellent flapper. And that is a LOT of bagels.

  2. Jesabes says:

    GIN! I can’t wait. I hope I like it.

    I will see you at 1ish on Thursday!!!

  3. Ginger says:

    Boy Meets World! I still watch that on occasion…did you see they’re trying to do a sequel???

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