Quick Takes, as I try not to fall asleep sitting up

1. This week is Thanksgiving. We are hosting for the third year running, in what has become my favorite tradition. Since we live far away from family and it is prohibitively expensive to go home for a long weekend, we invite any other Thanksgiving orphans to come to our house for Friendsgiving. It is the BEST. We’ve had multiple turkeys every year (roasted, smoked, and fried), an abundance of bacon containing side dishes, and this year we are adding a HAM. So, I am obviously pretty excited about that. What I am less excited about is that I have done nearly zero prep. We have only partially cleaned the house and I have no idea what I’m making. I’m sure it’ll be fine. If nothing else I’ll get some expensive cheese and a few bottles of wine and everyone will forgive me.

2. Christmas is coming! Ok, it’s still a ways away, but commercials and twitter people have it front and center in my brain. So, toddlers and Christmas trees – bad combo? She’s going to knock it over or climb it or break everything, right? I’m finding myself both excited about a tree and presents because it’ll blow her little mind, but also apprehensive because after the initial 15 minutes of joy it’ll be weeks of “No Eliza! No!” and trying to keep her away from it. Right? So I’m finding myself torn. Maybe a teeny counter top tree?

3. I used to hate the holiday season, was a total grinchy jerk about it, but I’ve come to love them the last few years. I think it’s because we’ve started our own traditions (Friendsgiving, New Year’s Eve’s Eve party with college friends, etc.) rather than just participating in our parents’. Not that I don’t enjoy the family aspect – I do, especially now that we have our own kids. But when I was growing up, it felt like I was being dragged along, made to spend dreaded quality time with people I wasn’t sure I had a ton in common with. In retrospect, it’s obvious I was just a moody teenager, pushing boundaries and trying to step out of the shadow of my family (who, it turns out, are some of my very favorite people). Now I appreciate the time I spend with them a lot more, and I also dearly love the things we’ve started doing ourselves. Right, so that was pretty sappy, sorry for this whole bullet.

4. I am working on a post about what over the counter medicine can be taken at various points during pregnancy, as that is something I am asked about a lot. It’s taking even longer than I thought it would (I mean, aside from the obvious hurtles like free time and being awake ever) because it’s kind of a fraught subject. I don’t want it to be misused, and the disclaimer at the top is getting intense (“Ask your doctor before you take anything! Everyone is a special physiological snowflake! More words about how this isn’t gospel!”). I think I end up not posting a lot of things because I worry about them being misinterpreted and used for evil, which is sort of ridiculous. OF COURSE a 1500 word blog post cannot cover every eventuality, Susie. If someone thinks it does, well. Hmm.

5. Oh, right, I went to New Orleans the other day, and it was AWESOME. Except for the part where I got a terrible awful cold and didn’t get to meet my cousin’s Four! Babies! which I am still super bummed about. BUT, aside from that, it was just wonderful. I should probably post something just about that. It is on my to do list, which y’all probably shouldn’t hold your breath about, but I have just the best intentions ever, I swear.

6. I got some good work news recently, but it won’t actually become legit good news for another oh, five months, so I’m not sure how to feel about it. Basically, a grant that is one of my main funding sources was reviewed very well and got a really good score. BUT, we don’t know how the competing grants did, and won’t know if we are actually getting funding until the end of March. This is a primary determinant of my continued employment, so it’s a really big deal. Everyone keeps asking me if I’m excited, and I’m not sure how to respond. Yes, I am, definitely – but I can’t count my chickens, you know? And five months is such a very long time to be in limbo. I almost wish I didn’t have the preliminary good news – it’s a little much for my brain to process, this early in the game.

7. Since I’m no longer doing monthly updates, a few Eliza things for the record books: She loves getting rolled around the living room floor, and thrown up in the air. She’ll sign more more more while we are doing these things, and often start wailing if we stop. Despite that, still adorable. She’s mostly sleeping wonderfully (5 nights out of 7, or so), still taking two naps. Starting to voluntarily give up her night time bottle. Eating ok, but drinks a hell of a lot of milk (still like 30 oz a day). She is learning words and signs out the wazoo, but also kind of regressing to saying the same syllables for everything most of the time (ma/mo, ba, na.). She understands so much though – she will retrieve particular books and objects, and follow simple command. Really neat, but I can’t wait till we can get her to clean up her toys (pipe dreeeeams!). Oh, PS, she stopped eating cat food! Huge parenting win right there, folks.

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8 Responses to Quick Takes, as I try not to fall asleep sitting up

  1. Erica says:

    “PS, she stopped eating cat food!” Ha. Parenting, it is glamorous.

  2. Ginger says:

    For the first two years, we put our tree on the other side of the baby gate. One year it was in our dining room. We have friends who put the tree inside one of those octagonal freestanding baby gates things. It’s perhaps not the most festive, but I refused to give up my tree and ornaments, so this was the compromise.

  3. Chris says:

    We also use the octagonal baby gate (which is called a super yard). Ours is 6-sided and we use three panels in front of the TV and 3 in front of the fireplace. We bought another one (at a baby consignment shop! yay!) just especially for the Christmas tree. Nothing comes between me and my Christmas tree. :)

  4. Jesabes says:

    We’re hosting, too! I love never having to travel for Thanksgiving.

    I have no idea what to do about a tree. Toddler Margaret was just fine. We told her to leave the tree alone and she pretty much did. She’d pull off ornaments more often than we liked, but she never pulled over the entire tree. My guess is Paul will be another story. We’ll see how it goes.

  5. HereWeGoAJen says:

    Shockingly, Elizabeth has only knocked our tree down once. I am more surprised by this than just about anything else. And when it did fall down, only one ornament broke. She was so amazed by the tree that she wasn’t so rough with it. (And she was three the year she knocked it down. And knew better. I came in to find her standing next to it like “uh oh. Now I’ve done it.”) So maybe you put the breakable ornaments up another year.

  6. Hillary says:

    I thought Wes — and the puppy — would be a disaster with the tree last year and neither bothered it. You might be pleasantly surprised, which is one of my favorite emotions.

  7. K says:

    I fully support your abundance of meats at Thankgiving. Way to bring it.

  8. Carrie says:

    Shailini told me today that you are also a toxicologist- not sure how I missed connecting with you before! Thought your idea for a list of what’s okay in pregnancy was interesting. I did a lot of Dev and Repro Tox work back in my scientist life. It was one of my favorite things to work on.

    Nice to “meet” you!

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