Hit the ground running/babbling ceaselessly

Ok, I keep wanting to write on this damn thing, but something or other is mentally stopping me. At first, I thought it was because all I really wanted to talk about was that I was pregnant, but we hadn’t told our families yes (Christmas surprise!). Then, I thought maybe it was because I was in that awkward can’t-feel-the-baby-yet phase, so I didn’t want to just write freaked out posts. Now, I think it’s just because I have too many random things I want to write about and I can’t choose, and oh some of them are ages ago now. So I’m just going to dump a bunch of little things here and hopefully that will catch me up enough that I can do this semi-regularly. In no particular order:

– there was that time our nanny found my ultrasound picture buried in a folder on my desk, and then congratulated us on it. And then we had to have awkward discussions about privacy and trust and oh that was just extra fun. BUT then our friends were cat sitting for us over the break, and they did actually make it funny, by sending us hysterical text messages. “I was sifting through your financial and other private documents, but all I found was this dried up pile of cat barf on the stairs.” “We were going through your medicines and other personal effects, but all we found was this giant bag of cat pee.” And so forth. With accompanying pictures of cat barf. I laughed, OH how I laughed. So, I am actually feeling way better about this situation, in no small part because it has become amusing.

– I’m pregnant! Woo! I mean, everyone knows that already. I told folks on twitter ages ago, but we didn’t tell our families until we got home for Christmas. We put Eliza in a big sister shirt, and waited for people to notice. It took AGES, and in fact we had to eventually point out the shirt to most people. And then there was much rejoicing and happiness and it was great. Also, then I had free license to eat everything I wanted, and also take naps on the couch every day for the better part of two weeks. It was GLORIOUS.

– Right, so I’m actually almost 17 weeks along at this point. Due in middle of June. Finally feeling the baby move, basically over the barfies of the first trimester. Onto the unremitting headaches and migraines of the second! For some reason, presumably the increased blood volume, I just get the worst headaches. Every day. And so far in January, I’ve had migraines six out of seven days. You can bite my ass, 2013. Slash, I hope this part ends soon because I have stuff to do.

– Let me tell you about our awesome travel to get to Georgia in December. We were supposed to have this lovely itinerary, two flights, leaving at 12 pm (nap time!) and an hour layover, seven hours total of travel. Amazing! Then. THEN. I get all barfy when we are packing, so I basically lay on the couch trying to hold on to my stomach contents while Kevin dealt with the child and packs all our clothes and baby gear himself. (In retrospect, this was a mild stomach bug of some sort, and not, as I assumed, the fault of my fetus.) While I”m barfing, we find out our first flight is delayed, causing us to miss our second flight. The only other option is a 7.5 hour layover followed by a red eye. DELIGHT. Then, when we get to the airport, TSA is inspecting all of Eliza’s milk, and the agent DUMPS it all over me. He does not apologize or help clean it up. There is no mechanism for helping to replace the milk. My tiny airport does not sell milk. I cried. I cried over spilled milk. It was great. Frankly, after that, even with my barfy/headachey state, the rest of the trip went as smoothly as one could hope (7 hour layover! red eye with baby!). E cried a bit, but not too badly. And, bonus, she was so confused and sleep deprived when we arrived, that she skipped jet lag entirely and magically adjusted to east coast time. None of these silver linings will stop me from whining.

– Also regarding new baby: I believe we have settled on not finding out the sex. Kevin was skeptical at first (“it’s a surprise whenever we find out!”) but has decided it sounds fun. I don’t feel the burning need to know that I did with Eliza, I think because I am calmer in general this time around, and not as worried about whether I will bond with the baby. And I think it will be a nice carrot dangling in front of me during labor (I feel like there was a more artful way of saying that that might not conjure up images of dangling…. things…., but fail). And since half E’s clothes are boy clothes anyways, it’s not like we will be incapable of swaddling a boy in anything but frilly pink. Nay, most of the newborn clothes I kept are dinosaur themed, so no problem. My only apprehension is that it means we must come up with TWO names options, omg. Swistle, take the wheel!

– Kevin got me the awesomest Christmas presents this year: Eliza TV (IP camera baby monitor) and this awesome book. The monitor works over our phones, so we can check in on her antics during nap time. In fact, we aren’t really using it as a monitor so much as a source of entertainment. She falls asleep sitting up sometimes! She plays a lot more than we thought, and sleeps less! Sometimes she does in fact bang her head against the wall! I can actually see that I might have driven myself insane if I had this kind of monitor when she was teeny – being able to see, I think I would have spent a fair amount of time hyperventilating. We mostly relied on the “if she REALLY needs us, we will KNOW” method of listening for screaming. I’m curious to see if this changes my behavior with new baby (though of course, new baby will have its own temperament that will confound any legit conclusions). The book is just hilarious, and I highly recommend it for any math nerd parents you might know.

Ok, let’s call that good. I’ve also promised Diane a post on fluoride in the near future, which I am excited to work on if my head will just stop with the throbbing, pleeeease.

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9 Responses to Hit the ground running/babbling ceaselessly

  1. Erica says:

    So creepy about the nanny! But so hilarious what your friends did. Pregnancy = not fun. Sorry about the migraines. Ugh.

  2. Anne says:

    I wanted to find out the sex of Simon purely to avoid the two-names thing. I couldn’t handle it. I hope it goes well and you find two good names! Good luck!

  3. Michelle says:

    Your nanny was going through your stuff? Not cool.

    And I am super impressed that you survived the plane trip. That sound horrifying.

    • snoozical says:

      Yep, but now I’ve talked about her on the internet, so maybe we’re even.

      The plane trip SHOULD have been horrifying, but it ended up being not that bad. Because Kevin is a champ and Eliza is mostly chill. It was nowhere NEAR as bad as, say, Kelly (Temerity Jane) and her recent trip with Penny.

  4. HereWeGoAJen says:

    There is nothing like a little humor, baby in a pot style, to turn around a situation.

    BabyTV is the BEST. The most entertaining thing ever.

  5. CharlieSue says:

    Sorry, Susie. I was going through your office and all I found was this snoopy nanny.

  6. K says:

    Oh nanny. I still can’t get over her. Criminy.

  7. Shalini says:

    Your friends sound like the awesomest. And I cannot believe the TSA agent did. Well, no, wait, I can.
    I WANNA KNOW ABOUT FLUORIDE TOOOOOO, *says the woman with a chlorine/fluoride filterer outerer.

  8. Miguel says:


    Wondering if you have any interesting articles or resources on toxicology and coffee? Found your old blog and made my way here via a google search on toxicology and coffee. Thanks!

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