Easter weekend

We had an unexpectedly lovely weekend, and I actually managed to take some pictures, so that seems like the perfect storm for a blog post. The weather has been stunning the past week or so – highs in the mid 70s, sunny, and everything is just starting to bloom. Gorgeous spring, and thank goodness because my jacket almost doesn’t zip up anymore.

Saturday morning started off with a family walk to Starbucks. Then we went to an easter egg hunt organized by one of Kevin’s coworkers. We weren’t really expecting Eliza to get it, but she did! Though mostly she wanted to swing (girlfriend LOVES swinging). She had her first jellybeans, which she thought were almost as awesome as swinging.

Saturday afternoon was not notable, except for once again learning the lesson that Susie will get completely stir crazy if there are four hours of awake baby with no excursions or activities.

Sunday we repeated our Starbucks walk, and on the way back ran into our next door neighbors. They invited us over for Easter lunch, which means even though I did not plan a damn thing, I got to eat delicious spiral cut ham. And have a baby glass of wine. And wear a cute dress I failed to be photographed in for posterity. And talk to grown ups I am not related to. Win! Lunch was during Eliza’s nap, so we plopped her in her room and then ran next door, watching her on the video monitor. This is part of why I want to be best friends with our next door neighbors: not only are they awesome, but next door is close enough to being in our actual house that it is basically equivalent. Not restrained by baby schedule! Best! I wonder if the wild internet will fall into the two distinct traps I set in this paragraph?

After lunch and nap time, we somehow tricked our neighbors’ six year old daughter into raking our back yard. She negotiated an hourly rate of $0.25 for herself, and did about an hour’s worth of actually seriously useful work, for which we ended up giving her two shiny quarters (I would have gladly forked over $10). She was DELIGHTED, and so was I. Kevin was weeding and raking and overseeing, and I chased Eliza around the backyard. Our backyard needs some serious love and attention (read: to be mostly ripped out and made anew, aieeee), but this was a start.

Then we collected her parents and all went to the park, where the nicest and most tolerant golden retriever let Eliza crawl all over him for an hour. Got home just in time for Eliza to take a bath (girl was DIRTY) and hop into bed. So that was basically the perfect day.





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5 Responses to Easter weekend

  1. Adah says:

    Next-door-neighbor best friends are an amazing and lucky find.

  2. K says:

    I laughed out loud at, “I wonder if the wild internet will fall into the two distinct traps I set in this paragraph?”


    I am coveting your weather.

  3. Becky says:

    I will not fall for your traps!!!

    I want to be friends with our neighbors, but they hate us for some unknown reason. Possible because we don’t take great care of our yard. But we’re still nice people! And it’s not HORRIBLE, it’s just not great. Geez, neighbors.

    • snoozical says:

      We landed magical neighbors who have similar who has time for yard work attitudes. Bare minimum! Woo!

  4. HereWeGoAJen says:

    Hint- go to the bank or the customer service desk at a grocery store and get $20 worth of things like golden dollar coins and $2 bills. Then ALL the neighborhood kids will do your yard work and sell you lemonade.

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