State of the Incubator – 29 weeks

I was checking my old posts from my pregnancy with Eliza, and while I neglected to record many thoughts from the third trimester, the 27 and 37 week posts indicate that I was doing a little better at this point last time. I’m irritated with past me for leaving a partial record, but current and future me seem to be doing just about as well, eh? Well, here is a token effort.

Baby’s Size: At my 28 weeks ultrasound a week ago, baby was measuring at 48% for size. They didn’t give me more detail and I failed to be inquisitive. Various baby apps peg that at something like 2.5 – 3 pounds, and 15″ long or so. I believe Eliza was usually running around 60%, or was close to the end. Based on this information and nothing else, I have decided that small baby = girl.

Sleep: is increasingly terrible and hard to come by. I have been going to bed by 8:00 or 8:30 for the past week and half, and it has helped a bit, but I’m still irritated that I apparently have to spend 10-11 hours in bed to get 7-8 hours of sleep, if that. I seem to be able to get a decent night’s rest every third night or so at this point. That is a downgrade from the past month or so, when it was every other night. This means that I am vaguely hysterical 2/3 of the time, by the way, as inadequate sleep seems to short circuit my rational brain. Sorry, citizens of the world, especially Kevin! However, Tuesday night I was in bed at 7:30, paaaassed out by 8:30, and even though I woke up a fair amount, I was downright PEPPY all day yesterday. Kind of like when I get into some caffeine. Not psyched about the early bed time, but if it works, it works.

Food: I remember clearly from my pregnancy with Eliza that my sweet tooth completely skipped town until the very end. This time, it came back around 25 weeks, and there have been a lot of baked goods in my life since then. Mmmm apple crisp.

Movement: This baby is all about barrel rolls and flipping around and pushing on me. Not much jabbing and kicking. So far it hasn’t done much of anything that is painful (Eliza, by comparison, enjoyed kicking the hell out of my cervix, which sucked a lot), so this baby is ok by me. It does seem stronger than Eliza, so based on this and nothing else I’ve decided it’s a boy.

Exercise: As I mentioned in my whiny freak out the other day, with Eliza, I basically stopped exercising altogether around 5 months when I couldn’t play frisbee anymore (i.e., when people were uncomfortable playing frisbee with me). After that, all I really did was take long walks sporadically, and do some hiking here and there. Nothing consistent at all. This time around, I’d been doing weight training for a few months before I got pregnant, and have kept that up twice a week. I also ran a 5k with some friends in New Orleans, and enjoyed myself so much that I’ve also been running (on a treadmill, mostly) twice a week, much to my surprise. I’m definitely slowing down considerably – I’ve gone from 10:00 to 11:30 or 12:00 min per mile, and I’m having to stop and walk on the treadmill every so often now – but I’m still doing it. And I’m kind of enormously proud of myself, likely more than is warranted. I actually ran outside on Sunday, and it was beautiful out and I ran slow as hell and oh it was just really nice. I am hoping I can keep this up, but I’ll be pretty damn surprised if I manage it – I’m getting kind of whaley, so that makes things challenging and also kind of absurd. I assume I will switch to swimming at some point.

Regardless, I’m really hoping that continuing to work out will keep me from losing such an absurd amount of muscle mass after the kiddo arrives. I was verging on waifish after Eliza, which is NOT my body type, and I seriously hated how weak I was. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was obviously lovely to just lose all the baby weight, but I ended up in an unhealthy spot – fat skinny, as the kids sometimes call it, probably offending loads of people. I know that I haven’t even regained the muscle I had prior to E, but definitely it’s a lot better. I also hope that I will recover more quickly from the whole birth part – it took me a full six weeks to be able to do much of anything without swelling in my legs and feet, and considerable pain during and after. No thank you. I would rather lose the weight more slowly than struggle with the activities I enjoy (sports! give me back my sports!).

Naming the kid: Oh lord, don’t even get me started. We finally actually sat down and had a naming discussion, but I am not sure we got anywhere. Except the realization, somehow totally escaped last time, that we have inverted naming styles. I like less common lady names and very common boy names; Kevin likes common lady names and uncommon boy names. So, you know, probably we will decide when forced, or never. Adding a layer of fun/stress (mostly fun), my bro and SIL are due with a baby girl a few weeks after us, and we have decidedly similar naming styles: Henry (Hank, my nephew) is one of my fave boy names ever, and Lucy (my niece) is definitely up there for the ladies. Hopefully we can avoid a naming showdown

So there you have it, future me! 29 weeks pregnant, the second time around.

29 weeks! This baby is running out of space.

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10 Responses to State of the Incubator – 29 weeks

  1. Michelle says:

    You are really adorable.

    Deciding on a baby names is so haaaaard but my favorite part about pregnancy (you know besides getting a lovable little baby at the end.)

  2. Jess says:

    Holy god are you ever adorable. I am so jealous. You might feel like a whale but you definitely don’t look like one. Whereas when I was pregnant with Callum I looked remarkably similar to a buffalo.

  3. LizScott says:

    Oh, you look so fab. Yay you!

  4. Adah says:

    My husband developed a soft spot for 80’s girl names, like Rechelle, when we had to decide on a name for Baby #2. I am solidly traditional and old-fashioned for girl names. It was hard and down to the wire. Of course, we chose Eliza!

  5. HereWeGoAJen says:

    Baby #2 is harder to be pregnant with than #1 in my experience. I blame the first baby for this as they are currently sucking away all your energy.

    I worked out through the whole duration of my pregnancy with Ryan and it made such a difference in my labor and recovery. I was at the gym the week before he was born doing the elliptical. I was slower, but it definitely helped.

  6. Elsha says:

    You’re so cute!

    Good luck with the naming. I share your naming style- I like unusual girls names but classic boys names. Brian also likes classic boy names, but most of the girls names he likes are old-fashioned. (Which I like too! But they don’t go with Kalena. You know, theoretically. If we have another girl.)

  7. Oh, you looked good at 29 weeks…
    Good luck to the next baby. You do yoga?
    You know they’re good for pregnant women.

    Junalin – Doula Training

  8. K says:

    The title of this post now has “It’s time for the perculator…” running through my head. Thanks, Susie.

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