Loose Ends: lots of words about mostly nothing

Ok, first up, giveaway winner! I was going to make Eliza draw a name out of a hat, but too many people commented (I know, woe is me) and I didn’t want to write that many things down, and E probably would have just eaten the paper anyways. SO, I used a random number generator, and entered everyone except me, my mom, and duplicate commenters (so, I entered y’all, Kathleen and K, even though you were late! But you didn’t win. I’m sorry!) And, drumroll etc., the winner is: Anne! Hooray! Confetti and balloons! I will mail it soon. I swear. I need to mail things. It will happen. Also my mom is visiting soon, so if I’m too much of a slacker, she will help me.

(She’ll HELP me, as if driving myself to the post office is such a difficult endeavor, my god Susie, you are a ridiculous facsimile of an adult.)

I had a lame –> mundane –> lovely birthday weekend: On Friday, we attended a work picnic for Kevin’s group. This was the most fun I have had at one of those, as I finally know enough people in his group to chit chat, rather than sitting uncomfortably or pushing E in the swing all by myself for two hours. Work things are one of my social kryptonites, as I’m sort of terrible at busting into conversation with people I don’t know well. But this time: I have one actual, legit FRIEND in his group, and enough acquaintances to have a decent time. Until, that is, my child decided to take a long walk off a short plank: girlfriend scootched her butt right off an open part of the playground structure, from a height of about five feet.

She has NEVER shown any interest in those parts of the play structures – she looks at them, then moves cautiously past them to the slides. But not this time! She fell – in slow motion, naturally – and (thank god) landed without hitting her head or otherwise injuring herself, but damn if she didn’t scare the hell out of herself and myself and Kevin and (gah) all of his watching coworkers. We were too far away to stop her or catch her, of course. Our playground approach has been to let her do her thing while we lounge on the periphery, and I generally think that’s a good thing. I know kids just fall off shit, they hurt themselves, it’s part of learning about risk and it’s even good for them. But holy hell, she was thisclose to hitting her head on a giant metal thing, and easily could have landed wrong and broken god knows what, and just wow, you know? Luck. It is all that separates any of us from certain doom. But lucky we were, and she is totally fine.

Saturday was mundane – I’m still getting over bronchitis so mostly took it easy. Read mah books (Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy, why you not finished yet??), mowed the grass, watched some Dr. Who. Whined about my random aches and pains – I stretched a muscle in my jaw (at least I think that’s what it is), but I did it so badly, and the nerves in that area are so jangly, that I was convinced for most of the weekend that I was dying of a face tumor. I said – OUT LOUD – on Sunday that I was seriously bummed it wasn’t Monday, and the dentist wasn’t open. What? I abhor the dentist. Anyway it’s a bit better now and I am reasonably sure it’s just an angry muscle, so life goes on sans face tumor.

Sunday things turned lovely – a nice trip to the playground, where my kid proved she is not emotionally scarred from Friday’s tumble, and climbed all over the playground no problem. An excellent nap. Made oobleck with my six year old neighbor, which made me feel like Fun Mom for a day, even if it wasn’t my kid. Had her and her parents over for a delicious dinner, only to realize it’s our third weekend dinner in a row with them – Operation: Befriend Neighbors is suddenly going really well.

As I told Kevin, it continues to be my birthday until he produces the cake I have been asking for since like February, and based on his efforts so far, it’s looking like it’ll be my birthday until June or so. In his defense, the bakery it comes from is run by a 95 year old woman who: hates everyone, has never once answered the phone (so you have to go in person to order), keeps odd hours, takes only cash, and is generally difficult. BUT COME ON, I warned him! So whatever, back rubs, reduced chore contributions, and passive aggressive behavior are on the docket until my cake appears. I am such a peach!

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9 Responses to Loose Ends: lots of words about mostly nothing

  1. kathleenicanrah says:

    oh, you are quite nice to include K and I! even though I didn’t win, still feels like special treat. :)
    Do tell about this cake….details, please. Of the flavor variety.
    (oh! and my Atlanta allergies have reached such a fever/sneeze pitch that I just bought a plane ticket home for a weekend in August. I’m planning on sitting by the river all day, and eating at Casa Mia every night. Like high school, only with more wrinkles, less angst.)

  2. LizScott says:

    I’m a little too proud of myself for not making the blowjob joke I want to what with your jaw muscle strain situtation.

    (Ok, fine, the joke was mostly a rip off from Clueless, with a “there’s goes your social life!” ending, but mostly because who doesn’t love Clueless? Not because I think you’re giving too many blow jobs or think about how many blow jobs you do or don’t give and I swear I have no opinion and/or judgement here I’m just a sucker (…ha) for a cheap joke and wow you know that point when you need to just STOP TYPING and MOVE ON yeah, we’re WELL PAST)

  3. HereWeGoAJen says:

    I need to go to the post office too. But I will probably procrastinate another week or so.

    And now I want cake. I am having a friend over to bake tomorrow. I will have to eat lots of cake.

  4. Julie says:

    You have a cake nazi! Will she turn people away for not ordering correctly?

    I would really like some cake right now.

  5. Adah says:

    I am hands-down a more fun mom with my nieces, nephews, neighbors, and friend’s kids than my own kids. I think it might be because once I make oobleck (or pancakes or cookies or whatever) with my own kids, I know I have to make oobleck, etc. over and over and over again for who-knows-how-long or fight the good fight trying to convince them to just work on a puzzle or read a book instead. Don’t I have an inspiring parenting philosophy?

  6. K says:

    Dude, I totally perked up when I saw my initial and THOUGHT I WON. Thanks, Susie. Thanks a lot. Turns I did NOT win.

    Also, I kind of want to be that old mean cake lady when I’m older. Lucky T. Ah, who am I kidding. He’s eight years older and might have croaked by that time.

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