Calm before the storm (I’m doin it wrong)

Family all arrived on Thursday and Friday, and we’ve been hanging out, enjoying the relative calm before the storm this weekend. I had my membranes stripped on Thursday, which (obviously) did not work this time around – resulted in some irregular and marginally more painful contractions, but nothing exciting. I was only half bummed out – I would have liked to get this show on the road without needing to be legitimately induced, but my parents weren’t here yet, and it felt rushed, and and and.

My parents arrived on Friday – as I was driving home from work, I actually saw them pull into the RV park. I followed them in and surprised/scared the crap out of them. My dad didn’t even recognize me, as I sat waving at him like a loon from my car – he figured his giant RV was just in my way. I got out of the car and moseyed into the RV to greet my mom, and startled her as she was heading to the bathroom. It was funny and I’m glad I stopped. Also because I noticed they have a pool there! We headed back over with Eliza a few hours later, and she played in the pool a little bit, but much preferred the hot tub.

Saturday I was knocking out a bunch of errands and chores – mowing the lawn, cleaning house a bit, picking up my belated birthday cake (hmpf!) – and right after I finished the last chore, I decided we should set up the baby pool and the sprinkler and lounge around in the backyard while Bear played and entertained us. I was in the middle of this, baby be-sunscreened, setting up a seating area – when I stepped just wrong and rolled the HELL out of my ankle. Went down like a ton of bricks, scaring the pants off my poor mother in law – and it took me probably a few minutes of crying and swearing on the ground before I managed to tell her it was just my ankle, nothing to do with the baby. After the initial chaos, I propped it up on a lawn chair and tried to calm down so I could figure out what to do next. Ultimately decided to go to the ER, because it hurt more than any rolled ankle I’d ever managed, and there was no way in hell I’d be able to bear weight on it at all. I had to calmly call over the fence to my 7 year old neighbor to get her dad to help me, and between him and my dad, we got me into the back of a car and off we went. This totally wasn’t on my to do list.

We were at the ER for a little over two hours, determined it wasn’t broken, and I was sent off with an air splint and some crutches and a nice sense of impending doom. I hadn’t hit my abdomen at all on the way down, and the baby was bouncing around happily, so we weren’t worried about that at all. Suddenly, instead of wanting to kick start labor, I was terrified of going into labor, because USELESS LEG. With Eliza, I spent HOURS walking the halls of L&D, and the whole pushing the baby out process did involve some degree of functionality in my legs/ankles, even with an epidural. How exactly is this going to work now? And then, once the baby is here, I won’t be able to do anything except lay there and have him/her handed to me. No carrying it, no getting myself a glass of water, no taking my self to the damn bathroom (every four minutes, because remember how that works?). AHHHH. Also, it is hilarious trying to affix my ankle brace to my foot, since I have to maneuver around my giant belly and can barely reach the damn thing. Also also, I’m supposed to follow up with my GP or appropriate doctor “early this week” which haaaa, yeah I’ll be busy having a baby, oh shit. So, right, sense of impending doom.

Well, Saturday evening and Sunday were spent sitting still about as much as possible and getting a head start on warming up to letting people help me (I was terrible at that after E was born and I think that contributed to how long it took me to heal). Last night I was magically able to start bearing just a little bit of weight on my foot, and this morning I can hobble around slowly with just one crutch, so maybe this isn’t the end of the world. (It isn’t, I know, it could be worse and I have plenty of people around to help me. BUT COME ON.)

Obviously, life goes on regardless. I have an OB appointment this afternoon to try membrane stripping again, and we will schedule an induction for last this week in case it doesn’t work. (I don’t think it will work: I’ve been feeling positively UN-labory this past week, more so than the two preceding weeks, even. I think the baby decided it wants to stay put. WELL TOO BAD, BABY!)

So that’s what’s happening around here – a nice mix of boring and exciting! Now with cake! (Delicious, delicious cake.)

I had to eat a slice of cake post-ankle, pre-picture, because Happy Everything? Bite me.


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12 Responses to Calm before the storm (I’m doin it wrong)

  1. kathleenicanrah says:

    I know I said something on twitter, but seriously. I’m so sorry. How irritating- the timing, the pain, the whole thing. I hope you are medicating with MUCH cake.
    It doesn’t help, but I have a client who recently broke her elbow and collarbone in a similar spill at 39 weeks and….not good. Not being able to hold (and thereby feed, and change and and and) a newborn has been ROUGH. So, it could be worse? I know you know that, and it doesn’t help. Basically, falls during pregnancy- so easy to have happen (loose joints! balance is wonky!) and yet SO IRRITATING.
    Please do use the ankle as an excuse for everyone to bring everything (baby, food, wine) to YOU. And yes, cake.

    • admin says:

      Somehow, it DOES help – I mean, I KNOW that pregnant women are more prone to falling, but I never hear about it happening. Knowing I’m not the only one who actually DID fall helps in some bizarre way. Though now it’s like I’m saying I’m GLAD this poor woman had such a terrible thing happen, and that is not what I mean at all! I just… I’m about to go to the OB, and I’m going to feel like such a dweeb, being hugely pregnant on crutches. You know? BLAH! And yes, it could be so, so much worse. It could. And it’s NOT.

      • kathleenicanrah says:

        oh yes— common. SO common. I can think of…like 6 clients off the top of my head who’ve had pretty major falls in their last trimester. Broken bones, induced labor, broken bag of water…all of it. Your doc has seen it all too I’d bet. Am so glad it was only the ankle, and not broken, and that you’re able to walk on it a bit today. Forced rest and sitting can be a very very good thing- hopefully in two or three weeks you’ll look back and be surprised by how “okay and easy” the accident made things. Thinking about you.

  2. Erica says:

    Oh your ankle, awful. So sorry. Cake is a good idea though. And you have family there which is lucky.
    So excited for you! The baby will be here soon!

  3. Emily says:

    Oh, you poor thing! I can’t imagine being on crutches while pregnant. I hope all your sitting works and your ankle feels better quickly.

  4. meanliving says:

    So sometimes you’re kind of hard to read because you are of a No-Fuss kind of temperament, I think. It was hard for me to tell how bad it was from the tweets you sent out and I’m very sad that it was bad enough to bring you to tears and not just swearing and anger. I’m just so sorry. I know you’re a lady that likes to move around and having your ankle fugged is not good for you.

    I will be thinking all the miraculous healing-type thoughts I can muster, not that thoughts alone ever change anything, but there it is. What day later this week are you being induced? (If you don’t want to divulge that, no worries.)

    • snoozical says:

      But it’s not THAT bad! I can already bear weight on it! So it’s probably fine. It just SEEMED awful and terrible on Saturday. And most of yesterday. Now it seems like it’s probably going to be mostly fine!

      It sounds like I’ll get induced Wednesday, and possibly he’s just going to keep stripping my membranes everyday until he feels like inducing me. Or I go into labor. I remain not optimistic, just based on how I’m currently feeling, post membrane stripping.

  5. Manda says:

    Damn straight you’re doing it wrong! What the HELL Susie?! You’re making ME look like I’m sitting around eating Bon bons. And I got myself hospitalized and regularly get yelled at by my husband to “Stop that! Put that down Manda! YOU ARE PREGNANT,” by my dear sweet husband. Who really is dear and sweet so if he’s pissed then it’s BAD. So. Anyway. Calm the hell down and eat all of that stupid happy cake. Much love. xo

  6. HereWeGoAJen says:

    You are going to need another cake. Possibly two.

    On the other subject, let’s talk about how excited I am for this baby! Yay, baby!

  7. Swistle says:

    Oh, what rotten, ROTTEN timing! At least there is cake, and cute dino shirts.

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