40 weeks

Oh hey, due date, what’s up?

So as I mentioned, I ended up having my membranes stripped twice more, Monday and Tuesday. While it didn’t work as it did with Eliza (sending me into labor within 12 hours), each round did result in some stronger contractions. They never became regular or close together enough to make me consider heading to L&D, but they were doing something – I went from a 1 to a 2 to a 3 by Tuesday. My mom went with me on Monday’s, and I made Kevin go on Tuesday because I wanted credit for my suffering (I usually don’t have Kevin come to my appointments because they take forever, and also because he hates seeing me in pain, but dammit, THREE TIMES), and both were fully convinced I would go into labor once they saw the procedure, but I was pretty pessimistic. My doc told me I was on the schedule to get induced on Wednesday but would probably get bumped to Thursday, so I settled in to wait.

Wednesday I called the hospital a couple times just to see where I was in the line and how busy things were, and it started to sound like things were crazy enough that I might continue getting bumped into the weekend. I wasn’t psyched about that, so I called my doc to get clarification, expecting him to call me back the next day since it was 8 or 9 pm already. Well he called right back and said that the nurses were being jerks and that I should just come in and say my contractions had picked up, he would check me and get me admitted and we could induce then. I was like…. whaaaat? NOW? LIE? And he said yep so off we went.
We got to L&D around 10:30, after getting our nanny to come over and hold down the fort, and they put me in an exam room on monitors. A nurse checked me and I was still at a 3, and she said I had an hour or so to show some cervical change. My contractions were pretty regular, but only every ten minutes and not that painful, so I was not hopeful. BUT my doc had said he’d figure it out. WELL. Instead, a gazillion women went into legit labor and they didn’t have room to deal with me, so my doc had to send me home. That was at 1:00 am, and I was NOT PLEASED. Because that had made me miss my best sleeping window (9 – 1!) and I was SO TIRED from sleeping poorly for days and waaah. We went home and I rage ate some cereal and then tried to go to sleep (read: laid there, plotting Kevin’s death as he snored quietly next to me).
THEN I WENT INTO LABOR ALL BY MYSELF! At 3, the contractions picked up like crazy and suddenly I was lowing like an insane cow through them and after an hour of that I was like OH WAIT am I in labor? MAYBE? I went and rolled around on the living room floor for a while, timing things and keening, thinking about how I damn well wasn’t going to get sent home from L&D twice in less than 12 hours. Eventually I decided we should go in, because wow it hurt a lot, and I didn’t want to have a lobby baby like Jonna or Erica, even though I wasn’t sure because the contractions were still only every 5 minutes. But off we went AGAIN.
Got there around 5:30, right before the shift change – so the same nurse put me in the same exam room. I would have been embarrassed, but she looked at me and immediately apologized for sending me home and she was so nice and it wasn’t her fault and whatever. I mean, I wasn’t in labor! It wasn’t her fault. She admitted me immediately, after watching me have a contraction, and then did another check – I was up to 4-5 cm. Over the next couple hours, I got moved into a birthing suite, hooked back up to monitors, got my IV placed, and asked for some pain relief. They came and did another cervix check around 7:30, pronounced me an even 5, and gave me a shot of fentanyl. I was hoping I’d be able to sleep a bit with that, as I hadn’t gotten any sleep to speak of since Monday. It helped a lot at first, and I was hopeful, but within 15 – 20 minutes it had cleared enough that there was no chance in hell of me sleeping. I decided I wasn’t progressing fast enough that I’d be able to make it without an epidural, and I was worried about deciding I wanted one and the anesthesiologists being too busy to get there soon enough (did I mention L&D was SUPER busy?). SO, I threw in towel and asked for an epidural. Maybe next time!
The anesthesiologist came and placed the epidural around 8:15, and I was at a 6 then. My doc broke my water at 8:45, and I was at a 7. I napped for about an hour, and when I woke up, we started telling our moms to get there around 10:30, figuring that would be plenty of time. They were moseying into the hospital as the nurse was checking me at 10:30, and we discovered I was almost fully dilated – just a small lip. Also our nurse noted that the baby’s heart rate was decelerating during contractions, which is quite normal, but does mean that the baby needs to go ahead and come out, rather than languishing much longer. She worked on getting the remaining bit of cervix out of the way and called the doc and started getting the room ready to go.
Our moms were kind of putzing around, chatting, playing with their cameras, and seemed oblivious to the sudden frenzy of activity from the nurses. I finally had to kind of snap at them to get back behind the bed and get their cameras and stay out of the way, because I don’t think they realized I was about to deliver.
Dr. O arrived around 10:50 or so, and I pushed for about 15 minutes and then there she was. Just like with Eliza, the doctor had me pull her out with the last push – this time though, I got to see and announce that the baby was a girl. She got 9s on her Apgars, though I personally thought she was rather quiet and laid back about the entire getting borned process (but hey, I’m not that kind of doctor, so in the end, what do I know?). I held her on my chest for awhile – our nurse Dory said I could keep here there as long as I wanted and she could do all the weighing and measuring and washing up afterwards. So we sat and looked at each other while the doc finished up with my bits (no stitches! Hooray for that smallish-but-yes,-totally-normal head!). Kevin and I decided she looked like a Hazel, so that was that. I celebrated with a giant Reese’s blizzard, and it was the best ever.
Hazel nursed for a couple hours straight right off the bat, and then passed out hard for most of the next 24 hours. She slept straight through meeting her grandparents and her sister. Eliza was pretty excited (though I still don’t think she knew – knows! – what is going on), and mostly wanted to show us where Hazel’s eyes and mouth and nose were. By jabbing them. But it was very cute, and the picture my mother in law took makes it look even cuter than it was in real life, probably.
We stayed that night in the hospital, quickly remembering all the newborn stuff we’d forgotten. Like how they spit up in the middle of the night, and it’s completely terrifying? And how you’re not sure whether you should wake them up to make them eat? And how annoying it is when people come in to take your vitals every seven minutes? No actually, that bit was better this time around – I think because they were so busy, they had to be way more efficient, so they were only bugging us every 3-5 hours. I got sort of decent sleep! Which is good because not so much since then.
So, then we came home, and everything has been mostly lovely. Eliza is entertained for now by her grandparents and activities and so far hasn’t freaked out about the baby. My boobs seem to be working this go round, which is a whole nother can of worms (a surprising can, given last time‘s struggle). Hazel is very snugly and not that great at sleeping anywhere but on me, which is delightful and terrible. I figure it won’t be long before it changes, though, so I’m enjoying it while it lasts. 40 weeks
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9 Responses to 40 weeks

  1. Michelle says:

    There are so many things I like about this post. Rage eating, lowing like a cow, maybe next time!?

    So happy for all of you. Good job, momma!

  2. Jesabes says:

    I love birth stories. Hope you’re getting at least a little sleep!

  3. Erica says:

    I love this post but all that cervix talk makes me nervous. I am not a big fan of all the cervix touching. So happy for you, Hazel, and the family!

    • snoozical says:

      Yeah I definitely got checked waaaay more this time around, because of the repeated membrane stripping and the failed L&D run. Though I also wonder if I got checked so much because the hospital was super full, and they were trying to figure out which rooms would be turning over fastest or something. At any rate, I’ll be happy if I don’t have to mention or think of my cervix again for several years, because bleh.

  4. Erica says:

    Technically, Ivy was not born in the lobby, but only because I was wearing jeans.

  5. Jess says:

    I love this. I had the decels and the cervix lip that had to be moved out of the way too. Fun! Also she is amazing and I looooove herrrrrrr. I neeeeeeeeed herrrrrrrrr. You’re lucky I’m cooking my own right now or I might attempt to take her.

  6. HereWeGoAJen says:

    Baby! I love reading the birth stories.

    Also, Erica wins for the jeans comment. I don’t know if I will ever bother to comment on anything again ever because what is the point after that?

  7. kathleenicanrah says:

    yay yay! yay for birth stories and for hazel, who is adorable, and for YOU especially. big congratulations.

  8. I love birth stories. They are only slightly more terrifying now that my own (well, my CHILD’S) is imminent.

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