Let’s go to the movies

Ginger posted a prompt I can manage with one hand. One thumb, if I’m getting technical. Hazel is keeping me awake all night, so: my ten favorite movies of all time! In no particular order! With incoherent babbling!

1. 10 Things I Hate About You. Pretty sure this is my number one movie of all time. My only beef is that Kat would have written a waaaay better poem, I mean come on.

2. Amelie. This movie reminds me viscerally of an era of my life. My high school boyfriend saw it in France, then bought it for me. I made everyone watch it, because I loved it, and also because I thought it made me interesting, that I loved it.

3. Donnie Darko. This is another movie that makes me nostalgic – for college, here. Watched this so many times! I remember when we watched the writer/director commentary and discovered there wasn’t deep meaning to the movie, that they just thought the various plot points seemed cool.

4. Dirty Dancing. What, like you don’t watch this every time it comes on. And day dream about being Baby.

5. Up. Delightful, and sad.

6. Easy A. I love Emma Stone, but more than that I love the parents. They are HYSTERICAL.

7. Mallrats and 8. Chasing Amy. My favorites of the Silent Bob movies. Hilarious and good.

9. Center Stage. I’m the best goddamn dancer in the American Ballet Academy, who the hell are you?

10. Multiplicity. This movie is one giant in joke for Kevin and me.

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3 Responses to Let’s go to the movies

  1. Hillary says:

    Mallrats is far and away my favorite of Kevin Smith’s movies. There’s nothing I don’t love about it.

    Related: My newspaper runs celebrity birthdays every day and a while back, last year maybe, one of the birthday pictures was of the London twins. They were 40. They had not aged well. I was depressed for days.

  2. Aliza says:

    We’re practically movie twins. What are your thoughts on the Cutting Edge?

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