Bottles and my face.

I’ve been having an incredibly difficult time keeping my eyeballs open during Hazel’s late night feed the past few days. I’ve been getting more sleep this week – she’s been much more agreeable in the evenings for Kevin, so I’m usually getting a nice nap before midnight. So I think my body must be shifting out of survival mode and getting kind of uppity about it. I mean seriously, it just took me a full thirty minutes before both my eyes would consent to open. How am I supposed to rewatch Friends and write on my weblog with one eyeball? Kind of a shitty eyeball, at that.

ANYWAYS. Guess what? Hazel drank a FOUR OUNCE BOTTLE today. From the nanny. This is the first day that she’s had a reasonable volume while I’ve been at work. Kevin still hasn’t had much luck giving her a bottle at night, but this is a huge step in the right direction. I’m giving myself some of the credit for the bottle/nursing switchathon over the weekend, because that was unpleasant and time consuming. So, go team!

Right on the heels of my excitement about the bottle success came an anxiety spiral about Hazel deciding she prefers them, and my milk supply tanking. So that was super nice. I’m sure it’ll all be fine, as I once again find myself nursing her for an hour and a half in the middle of the night.

Perhaps related to my sleep issues, I recently tumbled down the slippery slope of make up obsession. I fully blame Kelly and Ginger and Maria. I got really fed up with looking like a zombie after a few nights of particularly awful Hazel sleep, so I went and dropped a bunch of cash on every bottle Target carries, and some eye make up at Ulta.

20130808-012356.jpgplus ice cream, because I deserve it.

Then I played face dress up during the simultaneous nap, which, ok, maybe *I* should have taken a nap too, but shut up. The stuff I got was: Benefit Stay Flawless 15 hr primer, Benefit Fake Up concealer, an Eco Tools eyeliner brush, two e.l.f. Cream Eyeliners, Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara, and an e.l.f. Primer (that I haven’t tried out yet). Other stuff I currently use: an Aveeno moisturizer and Bare Minerals translucent powder. I’m pretty psyched about how my face turned out. I just did normal make up stuff, and tight lined my eyes. Which – I didn’t know there were other ways to put on eyeliner, because anytime I try other approaches, it just highlights how red my waterline is, and how blondish my eyelashes are (even with mascara, I guess because the base still shows a little).

So here is part of my face, in the kindest of natural lighting:


The slippery slope continues, as I have since purchased a Tarte brightening eyeliner to de-redify my lower waterline, and rediscovered a small pile of Urban Decay stuff (this and this) I got from Laura during the Blathering gift exchange. Next up I think I’m going to get a setting spray. Primer was sort if revelatory, as one of my big reasons for hating make up was that it didn’t stay put. Now it mostly does! Woo.

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6 Responses to Bottles and my face.

  1. Holly Ritger says:

    And Susie, what is a waterline? And what is primer for, other than a basecoat for paint?!

    • snoozical says:

      The waterline is the part of your eyelid between your eyelashes and your eye – the rim. Primer is just like a basecoat – it goes on first and keeps concealer, foundation, eye shadow etc from wearing off or migrating over the course of the day.

  2. april says:

    They have all gotten me on board too, as I wait for my Allure beauty box that is supposed to be in the mail today.

    I will have to get the brightening eyeliner and Fake up concealer – does that help with bags too, or just dark circles? I have NARS concealer which works well for dark circles.

    • snoozical says:

      Hmm I think mostly for dark circles. I don’t know what to do for bags, but I am fortunate that I usually only get those when I am sick or after I cry, and I’ve just opted never to do either of those things again. No but seriously, I’d love to know if you find something good for bags.

  3. YAY A MAKEUP POST!!!! You are so pretty, with and without makeup. If you feel the urge to continue your budding makeup blogging career, feel free to tell my whether or not I should actually care if my makeup has parabens in it. Because right now I just can’t be bothered, but if you told me I might sprout an extra head I might stop.

  4. mona says:

    I have to do tightlining. That is on my list, plus getting all the Benefit primer and fancy stuff. I love the mascara sample I got from Sephora, I need more.

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