Hazelnut at two months


… is SO HAPPY. She loves looking at people, and will smile like a loon if you lock eyes with her. She’s working on her giggle – it started out sounding like a little cough, but it’s moving more towards a guffaw, now. I love it.

… doesn’t sleep on me anymore at night. In fact, I’m worried about whether she’ll do it this weekend when we go camping.

… has no discernible schedule during the day, and is probably starting to need one. I don’t remember how to get an infant to nap? I should probably start by just putting her down sometimes. It’s like I’ve never done this before.

… will not go to bed until at least 1:00 am. Until then, in the evenings, she will either cluster feed and barf (because she doesn’t actually NEED to be eating), or sleep fitfully in a carrier if you walk around for at least 5 out of every 15 minutes. Then she eats for an hour or so and goes to sleep. (She’s getting more efficient at her dinner – it’s cutting into my midnight blogging capabilities.)

Once she DOES go to sleep, she sleeps for between three and seven (7!) hours. Usually three, but she’s done the seven thing TWICE. Granted, anything more than four is kind of a waste because I’m up anyways, but I’m sure we’ll get our timing worked out eventually. And the fact that she CAN do it is the biggest thing, right??

… still doesn’t like bottles, but doesn’t HATE them? She doesn’t scream anymore, but looks at you like you are a damn fool when you put the bottle in her mouth, and just lets the milk dribble out. Some days she’ll take one, drinking 1-2 ounces, but usually she waits to do the bulk of her eating till Mama’s back home. I’m working a bit more now (6ish hours a day this week!), so this will get interesting.

… likes to be vertical. Even though she is too small by a laughable margin, we stick her in the exersaucer or the jumperoo and she loves it. Not a super fan of the bumbo, because sitting down is pretty boring. Laying down is only for sleeping and eating – otherwise, please hold upright at all times.


She’s definitely just a happy spitter at this point – colic is gone, and reflux is under control. I was saying to Kevin that she isn’t that different from Eliza at this point – she’s turned into a relatively easy baby – and he sputtered, saying she’s barfed up an entire Eliza of milk. True. Also, just me, or is it way more awkward when your baby barfs breast milk on someone than formula?

Two month stats from today’s doc appointment:
Weight: 11 lbs, 7 oz (64%)
Height: 23.5″ (86%)
Head Circumference: 15″ (30%)

I am not terribly confident of the measurements of height, and even less so of head circumference – they can measure several times and get utterly different numbers (14.5, 15, and 16″ in fact!) – but she looks like a normal baby, so I’m officially dismissing any too-small-head worrying at this point.

It’s been a few hours since her shots, and I can say she’s definitely more sensitive than her sister was – she napped for a bit and then woke up totally inconsolable. It took almost an hour to get her to calm down enough to nurse. Poor baby girl.

Eliza continues to mostly like the baby, but also to carry on her merry way since Hazel doesn’t really do much. E is somewhat fascinated by the whole nursing thing – she talks about the baby eating, and steals burp clothes and nursing pads, and usually desperately wants a snack as soon as she notices Hazel is getting one. We’ve gotten her somewhat trained on getting out a particular blanket, spreading it on the floor, and helping herself to a box of raisins or a container of goldfish from her snack cabinet. She does a pretty good job, you know, for an almost-two year old. But there might be some rogue raisins in the carpet, and it takes a LOT of verbal coaching some days. This is fine, considering I’m basically pinned on the couch under Hazel, and verbal coaching is far preferable to the snack related tantrums we were having before introducing the snack blanket model.

Eliza also loves making Pooh and her other toys do baby things – she likes them to be swaddled, to hang out in the jumper and exersaucer, to carry them around in a sling I fashioned out of a scarf. It’s really damn cute. Yesterday she stole my nursing pillow and crammed Pooh under her shirt and yelled EEEEEAT so I guess she has this whole momming thing down. That makes one of us!


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6 Responses to Hazelnut at two months

  1. Aliza says:

    1) YAY for taking bottles! 2) Your children might be too adorable for words. I love the sling with Winnie the Pooh.

  2. HereWeGoAJen says:

    I love both your babies! They are so adorable!

  3. Your kids are adorable. And Hazel is so perfect and squishy – I love it!

    What is with the late night party time? E prefers the hours of ten pm to two over all the other hours. Arrrrrgh.

    Good work on the bottles!! Yay for sometimes letting other people do the food providing!

  4. Erica says:

    Hazelnut! Too cute! So glad it’s all going well.

  5. Your kids are the cutest. I used to die laughing when Adriana would nurse her baby dolls. So sad I didn’t capture it on camera.

  6. K says:


    Also, one of Ezra’s news classmates at school has a baby sister Hazel, but YOUR Hazel is much cuter. Trust me.

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