I realized today why teachers so often schedule tests on Fridays.  It allows them to day dream, such an easy Friday – just mentally gear up for the weekend.

Alas, I’m not a teacher – I have to turn in a draft of my dissertation today.  Just the methods, results, and figures for the computational part (though right now that constitutes 17 single spaced pages!) …  I detest writing this stuff, it shouldn’t take nearly as long as it does.  I spend half as much time dragging my feet about it as I do actually writing.  It’s just that I have so many other things to occupy my mind – wedding in 29 days (oh dear, not at all done with that to do list), frisbee every weekend, except for that one with my bachelorette party, all the things I want to do before we move…


We went to Tybee last weekend (through Tuesday actually).  It was beautiful.  It is probably the last trip we will take while the ocean is swimmable.  I will miss the ocean, floating in the waves so long that when I finally get out my equilibrium is messed up, and I feel like I’m still going up an down for hours.  Boat rides, Fiance’s lovely parents, the way the marsh goes on forever in their back yard.  I hope we end up there when we are old, in that house his father built.

sunset in the backyard


We went and got our marriage license and our wedding rings during our lunch break on Wednesday.  It was so easy.  All that stands between us and legal betrothal is the signature of a friend and a postage stamp.  It seems like the act of marriage should be more difficult, should require us to jump through more hoops.  But I guess the hard parts come after, continue to come forever and ever till death do us part.  I’m excited.

chasin some birdies

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