Also Kevin mopped the floor

Well, no one slept any better last night, and I was a cranky jerk again, BUT let’s just move right along or it’s gonna be a heck of a long month. Here are some things that are pretty great today:

– Finally got our acts together after a couple of very long weeks, and made a meal plan. AND a yummy dinner – chicken pot pie.

– I snookered Kevin into making a ton of mirepoix. Just didn’t tell him we only needed a half cup of each veggie, so he chopped enough for SEVEN pot pies. Into the freezer, and next time prep will be a snap.

– Hazel took a nap on me today. She hasn’t done that since roughly July or August. Well, she falls asleep nursing all the dang time, but that is not the same at all. This is super nutty, if you think about the fact that she would ONLY sleep on me for the first six weeks of her life. I can barely even remember what that was like, and I missed the weight of a snuggly, passed out baby on my chest.


– The cortisone shot I got last week seems to be doing good things. I’m supposed to take it very easy for a month or two, always wear supportive shoes and basically not move my foot unless I have to, BUT it hurts less than it has in months right now. I wish I could go ahead and go running but I know that’s a terrible idea. For now I’ll just revel in the lack of pain.

– Eliza only wants Kevin to read her the terrible McDuff Moves In book, which is a blessing indeed.

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7 Responses to Also Kevin mopped the floor

  1. HereWeGoAJen says:

    A nice warm baby napping on me is the best. That hasn’t happened here in ages.

  2. Elsha says:

    Awww, sleeping baby is adorable!

  3. K says:

    I love chicken pot pies so, so much.



  4. LizScott says:

    Is there a phrase that is more indicative of getting old than “supportive shoes”? I think not.

  5. Aliza says:

    I love chicken pot pie, and snoozing babies, but man, “supportive shoes” is a real downer. Also, I need to remember to convince Geoff to chop up a bunch of mirepoix, because freezing it is a brilliant idea.

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