I chopped a ton of hair off today. It’s the first time I’ve really changed my hairstyle in ten years or so, and the shortest it’s been in twenty. I love it.




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9 Responses to Haircut!

  1. Swistle says:

    I love it! And I am so envious of your hair color.

  2. Sherry Crowell says:

    It looks great on you Susie! When you go for a change, you really go for it. I did the same thing after Todd was born, or maybe it was while I was pregnant with him. It was very drastic for John. I never did go back to very long hair again, but there are times I wish I could. Sometimes I try, but the growing out stages just drive me crazy. :) What did Eliza say?

  3. Carmen says:

    Very nice! If I tell you that it reminds me of Julia Stiles’ hair in the movie where she was dating a Danish Prince, will you take that as a compliment? (One can never tell sometimes what people think of random celebrities.) I MEAN it as a compliment! It’s a lovely cut!

  4. Erica says:

    Sassy! I love it!

  5. april says:

    So freaking cute.

  6. Elise Seaton says:

    CUTE! I think it makes you look more grown-up while also making you look younger. And rereading that, I somehow managed to say you look both old and juvenile. I am terrible at compliments. Can we just go back to “CUTE!”? Yes? Okay: CUTE!

  7. PinkieBling says:

    SO CUTE! I love it!

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