About Snoozical

Hi!  I’m Susie.  I live in the Northwest with my husband (Kevin), our two daughters (Eliza and Hazel), and our cat (Alfalfa).  I’m a toxicologist, which means I study nasty chemicals and exposure and health outcomes (translation: GEEK).  Outside of that, I play some sports (ultimate frisbee, soccer), watch bad tv, drink a hell of a lot of diet coke, swear in inappropriate settings, and go to bed early. Like, earlier than my baby. Kevin plays with computers for money, and his hobbies are playing with computers for not money, ultimate, and making me dinner.  Eliza is cooler than either of us, and her hobbies are getting all her toys out and chasing Alfalfa. Hazel mostly just smiles and eats. We’ll see about her.

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  1. Lam says:

    Hi Susie! I am currently a pharmacy student and I was wondering if you still have access to that article you read on ADHD and Acetaminophen. I don’t have the full text and was hoping that you do. You have my email, please let me know if you do or don’t. Greatly appreciate!

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