27 Weeks

How far along? 27 weeks.

Baby’s size?   Miss Eliza May is now a whopping 2.2 lbs, and 15 inches long crown to toe (up till now, her height has been crown to rump – she didn’t grow six inches in three weeks!).  She’s working on her listening skills this week, after opening her eyes last week.  This means that I can harass her in new and exciting ways: shining flashlights on my belly, hollering, etc.  No no, not really.  I stick to poking her when she kicks me too hard.

 Sleep?   The benadryl at night has been awesome, and I’ve been sleeping pretty well.  I have had a few nights recently where I couldn’t get baby to stop kicking pretty hard even after changing positions… I guess she’s getting kind of cramped. I wonder how long till I can’t sleep?  

Food cravings or aversions?  Heartburn ahoy!  I’m much happier eating whatever is on the menu these days, but a lot of my favorite dinner items lead to a good bit of discomfort.  The doctor just put me on a preventative heartburn medicine, so hopefully things will get a little better in this department.  I miss garlic; it’s really the only spice I can use with any competency. 

Symptoms?   Still pretty happy as the second trimester winds down, though there has definitely been a slow uptick in some symptoms.  Leg cramps, various degrees of intestinal unhappiness, mild Braxton Hicks contractions, blah blah blah.  Nothing too annoying, but every time a new one turns up, I realize anew how nice the past month or two has been. 

Best moment this week?  Telling folks the baby’s name, hiking 6.5 miles in beautiful weather (a man at the top told me I made him feel like a wuss), and seeing my lovely friends from Georgia.  Telling my doctor that his nurses suck (in much, much less confrontational words) and having him say I am not a good candidate for nurses, and that I can skip them from now and just see him. 

Movement?  Less gentle most of the time.  I have had a particularly busy week, and hadn’t been feeling her much, but with all our out of town guests gone today and getting back to my normal schedule, she’s kicking up a storm (and maybe also doing some flips and jumping jacks).

What I miss about not being pregnant?  Still sports.  I don’t think this answer is going to change.  Maybe when I am another month or two along, I’ll miss being able to put my own shoes on…

What I’m looking forward to?  my next ultrasound, in 3 weeks.  Hopefully she won’t be as camera shy this time.

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Painting the “nursery” – it’ll be the guest room for a couple more months, but now it’s light purple.  Of course, I wanted to paint it green, but that’s the color of 90% of the walls in the house, so we decided to change it up a little.  Plus this way we can fill it with green baby stuff!  Oh, and don’t worry – we used No-VOC paint and the windows were open and the fan was on and damn y’all, I’m a toxicologist.  It was fine!

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24 weeks

How far along? 24 weeks.

Baby’s size?   Spatula is about the size of an eggplant, 9” and over a pound and a half.  She’s working on her lungs this week, and getting some more capillaries all over.  Kind of awesome for over-educated anxious basket cases, if Spatula decided to come out this week, she’d have a pretty good chance of making it (not that she will, it’s just nice to know). Also, apparently, my uterus is the size of a soccer ball, which frankly seems impossible and bizarre.

 Sleep?   Up and down.  I imposed a fairly strict 10 pm bedtime because my narcolepsy was getting out of control, and that seems to have helped in the past few weeks.  If it hadn’t, I probably would have been on driving probation, and I’d prefer not to lose my autonomy this early.  I am on bathtub probation, since I fell totally asleep there a couple weeks ago and scared the crap out of Kev – he says I have to get a lifejacket for baths.  The doc also told me to take benadryl sometimes to knock me out a little more, since I’ve been sleeping poorly at night – you know, because something keeps kicking me!  On the bright side, my anxious dreams have mostly gone away, so that’s a huge bonus. 

Food cravings or aversions?  Getting a lot better in this department, I’ve been able to plan what’s for dinner up to 24 hours in advance and not change my mind!  As far as cravings, basically fresh fruit and veggies.  I’m all about watermelon and corn and cherries and blueberries mmmm!  Unfortunately none of those will keep me full for long, so I have to be careful to eat actual protein and carbs when I’m hungry, or I’ll find myself in a severe food emergency with little warning.

Symptoms?   I didn’t really believe anyone when they said the second trimester would be a total breeze, but I’ve definitely been feeling like that the past couple of weeks.  My headaches are basically back at normal occurrence levels (1/week or so, no big deal), energy is reasonable, heartburn has gotten milder, anxiety is low.  I’d been having consistent but mild sciatic pain for a few weeks but it’s actually gotten better too.  So everything is pretty peachy at the moment :D

Best moment this week?  We decided on a name, first and middle.  We haven’t decided if we are going to spill the beans before she gets here…  I also ran about a mile and half, up to our friends’ house, which felt good – exercising since I stopped frisbee has been a challenge, since I just haven’t had to outside of playing sports for years.  I got this belly band thing I read about on a runners forum, and it helps support my belly and makes jogging a lot less uncomfortable.  And don’t worry, I got the OK from the medical establishment before jogging (which was at a total snail’s pace).

Movement?  Less gentle, more cat-trapped-in-burlap-sack.  That’s not totally fair – the movements are probably verging on uncomfortably strong about 25% of the time, it’s just that that is usually when I am trying to go to sleep!  It’s pretty neat though, and now you can definitely see her moving from the outside.  Alien!

What I miss about not being pregnant?  Not being able to play sports (and not just frisbee!) or even really exercise… having my narcolepsy under control… breakfast being optional… 

What I’m looking forward to?  Friends coming to visit in less than two weeks!  And quite a bit of camping in the next month or so, gotta have as many adventures as possible!  Also, as much as we love our roommate/tenant, we are both looking forward to her moving to another friend’s house next month – we’d like to be able to get the house in order ASAP, since we are only going to get busier in the next few months.  We both have to build up hours at work, save vacation, and I have a LOT of important milestones to reach in my research before baby. 

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20 weeks


How far along? 20 weeks

Baby’s size?   The baby is about the size of a large banana, 7 inches and 11 oz.

 Sleep?   Kevin is gone this week, so I get the whole bed and all the pillows to myself.  More squishy pillows seems to be helpful.  But, I’m still sleepier during the day…  definitely taking naps most days now.  

Food cravings or aversions?  Still pretty annoying to feed me.  Kevin is gone, and so I’ve eaten with friends a couple times so far – since they are just like, ok we are making this, want some?  I don’t have a say in the matter, and that definitely makes it easier.  Left to my own devices, it’s pizza rolls (gross!), watermelon, and rice.    I’m determined to stop eating pizza rolls this week…

Symptoms?   Same, nothing new.  My headaches are still getting better, I think, which is awesome!

Best moment this week?  Kevin was able to feel the baby move, just barely, but he’s pretty sure he felt it.  I’m sure in another week or two, there will be no doubt :)

Movement?  Still moving, still pretty gentle.  I freak myself out pretty often because I won’t feel her for a while, but I think I just can’t unless I’m in certain positions and sitting still enough.  Plus, she allegedly sleeps a whole lot.  

What I miss about not being pregnant?  This week?  Frisbee.  I played last week and I think that might have been it – my balance has gotten a little off, and running around feels funny because of my belly.  But, I’m happy to say I don’t miss it as much as I thought I might.  I think it’s mostly because of the big tournament I won’t get to play in this weekend.  I do need to find an alternative form of exercise though!

What I’m looking forward to?  Surprising people, and lifting the veil of secrecy.  And Kevkon coming home!

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And now, this is a pregnancy blog.

Ok, so after repeated requests from the parental units, I can no longer deny my audience.  I’ll try to update this with random tidbits at semi-regular intervals.  Obviously I don’t have a great track record.  Here we go!  For reference, we call the baby Spatula, and we’re due October 21st.

How far along? 19 weeks

Baby’s size?   The baby is about the size of a mango, 6.5 inches and 10 oz.  Though I have to say I think the produce comparisons are rather off base.

Sleep?   Just in the past week or so, I’ve noticed it’s a bit harder to get comfortable.  Kevin says I still fall asleep in 30 seconds, so I think I’m still in better shape than most non-pregnant people!  That said, I’ve also noticed I’m a lot sleepier during the day (and that IS saying something).  Could be that I’m getting worse sleep at night, OR just that the demands of baby-growing are tiring me out.

Food cravings or aversions?  I don’t really crave anything abnormal, but eating is hard.  It’s like at any given moment, there is only one acceptable food, and good luck figuring out what it is, or what it will be five minutes later.  Lately, I’ve been chowing down on watermelon.  Which isn’t so much food as it is water, so that’s not actually terribly effective.  I’m pretty tired of eating.  
Symptoms?   Still having a lot of headaches, though they’ve gotten better.  If I don’t stay full in the mornings, I get a bad headache, dizzy, and sort of nauseous. 

Best moment this week?  It’s been a big week – my belly finally really popped out, so even I think I look actually pregnant and not just chubby; I started feeling the baby move, AND we found out that the baby is a girl.  So, three way tie?
Movement?  Started with some little flutters that were really hard to distinguish from my pulse (I’ve always been able to feel my pulse really strongly in my abdomen), and getting stronger every day.  Last night, Alfalfa decided to lay on my stomach and purr loudly while I was sleeping, and Spatula did NOT appreciate it.  

What I miss about not being pregnant?  Breakfast being optional, my narcolepsy meds, and days without headaches.  

What I’m looking forward to?  Surprising everyone in Ohio in two weeks by showing up pregnant :)

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….May, and the months before it.

So, took a little break from the plan, there.  Turns out I got pregnant in February or so, and couldn’t handle the food stuff the last couple of months.  Basically if it sounded tasty at any given moment, I was going to eat it.  I do think I nearly successfully gave up butter, at least in the manner I intended – I ate it on toast when that was all I would eat, but I didn’t eat it on bread with dinner, etc.  I did NOT give up bread for April, or anything so far for May.  I’m hoping I can do something next month, but I think I need a new list of possibilities.  I’ll work on it. 

Personal goals: I did ok on TV, but didn’t keep track closely so I could be pretty off on my perceptions.  Again, the gestating thing sort of got in the way, as I spent a whole lot of time on the couch.  Also, Bones was allegedly going to expire on Netflix at the end of March so of course we had to watch them all.  But I definitely cut back on watching bullshit shows I didn’t care about.  April was re-usable bags month, which was a good one.  I did pretty well – bought 2 new bags as punishment, carried a lot of stuff without bags a few times, and once wasn’t able to talk a clerk out of giving me a plastic bag, despite my best efforts.  I actually have still been using recycled bags this month too, not all the time but usually.  Yay for making changes!

This month I was supposed to be Not Swearing Anymore!  That has been a huge bust.  I have been trying to become more aware of my words, with mixed results.  I’m going to keep working on this, so that my friends will continue to let me hang around their kids. 

Books: let’s see if I can remember: On Beauty and White Teeth, by Zadie Smith (both AWESOME).  The first book of The Boxcar Children series (which may or may not count..).  A Red Herring without Mustard (another Flavia De Luce mystery, quite delightful).  Half of Until I Find You (John Irving), which doesn’t count.  I haven’t read one this month… I blame my narcolepsy.

New recipes: I can’t remember.  This month we marinated some chicken properly for the first time… 

Adventures, partially forgotten: in March, I traveled for work and didn’t feel good. In April, we went snowshoeing at White Pass.  Awesome!  I’ll put a picture up eventually.  We also went to the alpaca show in Pasco, which was awesome!  And we went wine tasting with some friends, which is a sort-of adventure.  May: we went to a frisbee tournament, which would not previously have qualified as an adventure, but did because I’m pregnant and we didn’t think we’d get to.  May isn’t over yet, either, so we may cook something else up.

House projects…. not great.  Kevin re-finished the porch, partially.  We got a new car, but haven’t gotten rid of the broken old one.  I am growing a baby…?

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February, the miniature train wreck

Book(s):  B
The Boxcar Children, book 1.  Yeah, it’s a kids book with some pictures and giant print.  It took me an hour to read.  But it made me so happy!  Plus I read two books last month?

Recipe(s):  A+

Chicken Pho  – Vietnamese dish (Carolyn).  OMG tasty, lasts for days, too bad uncooked pho noodles smell like feet.  5/5.

House Project(s): A-

Cleaned and organized the garage.  Still have some follow up organizing to do, but this was a pretty great start.  We need to really think through how we want to organize tools and such.  And then, we have to get more rubbermaid bins to safely store stuff out there, as there was evidence of mice (ewww).  K changed the oil, which counts. 

Adventure(s): F

We totally failed at this.  I’m cutting myself a little slack, as I was working on animal studies and preparing for conferences and baby showers, and February is so damn short, but since we spent the last day of it sitting on our butts, I get a big fat F. 

Personal Goal: B-

A.M. workouts – partial success.  I wanted to go 4x/week, and I think I average 2.  BUT, I started going to frisbee again, so that’s like extra credit.  I couldn’t go during animal study weeks, and have been having some interfering medical stuff, so I think all told I did pretty well on this.  PLUS, I have gone a couple times so far in March and want to keep going.  So that’s a win.  Also, the passing grade sort of results from the continuing resolution, I think.

Nutritional Willpower: F

No cake – First I accidentally ate a piece of tiramisu.  K said “stop that!” halfway through, and I was like, crap!  I don’t even like tiramisu that much!  And then I ate the rest of it.  So, for that, I’d give myself a C – why the F?  I ate the icing off the equivalent of 4 pieces of cake after C’s baby shower.  I didn’t eat any cake, but I’m pretty sure that was a giant middle finger to the spirit of the resolution, no? 

I have not totally decided on my penance yet.  I’m considering continuing no cake through March, but it will be VERY challenging to avoid the exciting desert offerings at my conferences.  Plus, plus: medical stuff sort of means I’m taking it easy on nutritional stuff.

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