Gift giving, and having a Thing

It’s holiday season, a time of year that generally stresses me out quite a bit. I used to feel very scroogey about the holidays, back when I was a bit younger and had my head a bit father up my ass, before I could appreciate the family togetherness and the traditions and all that. Back when I was just like, ugh, do I HAVE to? Not to say that’s the only reason one could dislike the holiday season, or that it reflects poorly in general if one does not like this time of year, no. Just that MY reasons for not liking the holidays were of the selfish/self-absorbed variety.

But since getting married, and further, since having kids, I get the holiday joy thing. I do. I am excited about picking which traditions we will stick with, and which lies/magic we will foist on our children (secular Santa, but hopefully not too far overboard…). I’m thrilled that our families are able to come visit us this year (Kevin’s parents are coming at Thanksgiving, and mine at Christmas).

I also really like the spirit of generosity this time of year, even though it is also what most stresses me out. I am not a very creative gift giver. I struggle a lot, trying to think of good things for the people I love, and I still feel a little scroogey about compulsory gift giving. I have a lot of half formed and mildly grumpy thoughts about this that I’m sure I can’t communicate without being kind of offensive – the expectation of gifts, buying them off a provided list every year in kind of a rote way. I mean, I LOVE giving gifts when I think of a good one. I can’t stop myself, even if there is no occasion, or if it is a little over the top. When inspiration strikes, I go for it. But I always feel kind of weird when I CAN’T think of something, for someone I love dearly, so I just go buy something off a list, or fork over a gift card or cash. Particularly when they also can’t think of something for me, so they do the same. So, for instance, we end up each giving the other an amazon gift card, or buying similarly priced items off each other’s amazon wishlists, and it just feels like pointlessly shuffling around money.

Which is not to say I don’t appreciate it. I do! Very much! It’s more that, because of my own personal brain and all my own personal neuroses, I feel like a failure when I can’t think of something. Like I’m not thoughtful enough, or I haven’t paid close enough attention to that person, or something. And also sometimes I just wish if I couldn’t think of something, I could send a card, and feel ok about that.

Over the past year or so, though, I’ve noticed something that might be super obvious to everyone already, I don’t know. I’ve noticed that some people are just really easy to give gifts to, or think of things for, and some people aren’t. I mean, I’ve always known that it’s impossible to think of stuff for my dad, yes. But I’ve started noticing that some of my friends are So! Easy! to buy presents for all the time, like I actually have to make myself STOP because it is getting a little excessive and weird, and other friends, even very dear friends, sometimes I’m just… nothing. I can’t think of anything.

And a big part of it is some people seem to have a Thing that is just super easy to buy stuff for. Like how I have dinosaurs, and Doctor Who, and I love to read, and I knit (or, I used to, ha). Dinosaurs are pretty in, the past few years, and I have a few friends who also love dinosaurs, so it’s been really easy to see something at a store and just think, oh! I bet So and So would love that! Same with Doctor Who stuff, if my recent Etsy transactions are any indication.

The way I’m writing this, I feel like it might sound like I’m saying that people I have trouble buying for just don’t have any hobbies or interests, and that’s NOT IT. I mean, my brother definitely has hobbies and interests. He likes building stuff, he loves disc golf. But… he already has a zillion frisbees, and tools, and it’s not like I can provide him with a new room in his house to renovate. It’s just hard hobbies to buy for, is what I’m saying. My mom loves to read, so I feel better about serving her up an amazon gift card when I can’t think of anything more specific. My brother though, it feels more like just handing him some money and saying, oh, my bad, I just can’t think of anything.

Anyway, I’m not totally sure what my point is here. I guess I have several. A blanket apology if I don’t come up with a good gift ever(y year), as well as an explanation to anyone I’ve creeped out (or, more seriously, made feel beholden) with my over-generosity. And most importantly, a request for my brother to get more consumer focused interests. Come on, dude.

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I shamelessly stole this post idea from Miriel because hers made me chortle. Nonsense based on facebook statuses from Past Me.

I’ll be a whole bag of my three copies of East Coast New triple quad GCMS. With my presentation.
“Have GCMS, will travel” is probably a pretty solid way to get a job, actually.

winter just keeps puking on a plane thing.
Is this prophetic? Should I avoid planes until spring?

Extra ridiculous asd/vaccines bullshit without even engaging their straws have a test they do for this
I wish there were a test for that so I’d never have to engage again.

Did you come from? Why all at once? but calculus is football
More like football is butt calculus, am I right?

disagree, i’m a rockstar with interesting choice, nobel people.
One day, they will recognize my genius and popular appeal.

maybe scoobers and hucks aren’t the walk back to DC, you
Indeed, frisbee is not the best basis for moving there.

cannot believe we’ve only available room of toxicologists who have any drills.
Toxicologists aren’t known for being handy, but there you have it.

My ballot was to shut the hell away until ACTUAL spring here!
I would certainly cast a vote for hibernation. Stupid winter.

I don’t actually care, i use alcohol toxicity, etc.
Do as I say, not as I do.

But I really gets a bye in the South.
My manners just aren’t up to snuff, there especially.

Drinking wine, throwing corks, fun Friday
What could be better?

Eliza May be filled with the rain.
Get it? May be? Maybe? And it’s her middle name? No?

You’re such a good time despite dinner snafu
Some dates are just meant to end well.

Man, that accidental nap for summer league.
Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve slept through something.

It’s not inconsistent in my entire scientific progress.
Ever forward!

On what planet and in unvaccinated children. Meanwhile, I’d rather just get our acts together.
I’m sayin’.

Oh wait, I forgot about bear
Yeah right! I would never.

my kingdom for a better than yesterday!
It’s true, that post really wasn’t my best.

a blow torch will work something to sore throat in 15 minutes.
I don’t think it would take nearly that long.

dear internet, I lost probably the only one thing
My mind.

Haha yeah yeah we have the dinosaurs’ behavior, had it
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